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HIT 210 Ch. 3

Healthcare Statistics

indicates the number of patients present in the healthcare facility at a particular point in time inpatient census
an organizational entity of a healthcare facility organized physically and functionally to provide care patient care unit (PCU)
Around midnight is usually a good time to take the census because patients are usually in their beds. True
the census from all units that is used to compile a total census; shows the names of patients present at a particular point in time and their location complete master census
patients who are moved from one PCU to another within the facility intrahospital transfers
includes the number of inpatients present at the census-taking time each day and any inpatients who were both admitted after the previous census-taking time and discharged before the next census-taking time. daily inpatient census
a unit of measure denoting the services received by one patient in a 24-hour period inpatient service day
a day occurring after the admission and prior to the discharge of a hospital inpatient when the patient is not present at the census-taking hour because he or she is on leave of absence from the healthcare facility leave of absence
An absence of less than one day is not considered a leave of absence from the healthcare facility. True
Leave of absence days are always written as a physician order. True
the correct term to use for what is commonly referred to as a patient day, inpatient day, bed occupancy day, or census day inpatient service day
the sum of all the inpatient service days in a period under consideration total inpatient service days
The difference between the census and the daily inpatient census is that any patients admitted and discharged the same day are added to: The census to compute the daily inpatient census The 12:01 a.m. (or other designated time) head count to compute the daily census
Which of the following should be used when calculating the number of inpatient who received service on a particular day? Total inpatient service days
The time for taking the inpatient census must always be: Consistent
At census-taking time, a patient who has been transferred into a unit is: Counted where he or she is
Patient day or inpatient day is more correctly termed Inpatient service day
The inpatient census at 12:01 a.m. is 57. Two patients were admitted at 1 p.m., one died at 3:15 p.m. and the other was discharged at 10:00 p.m. The inpatient service days for that day are: 59
the measurement of services received by all inpatients in one 24-hour period (the time between the census-taking hours on two successive days) calculation of inpatient service days
One inpatient day must be counted for each inpatient admitted and discharged on the same day between two successive census-taking hours. True
transfers in and out of the unit are shown as subdivisions of patients admitted to and discharged from the unit; occurs on the PCU census calculation of transfers
Every patient transferred into a unit on any given day has to have been transferred out of another unit. Recapitulation
Births are considered newborn admissions. True
The census at the close of one day (11:59 p.m.) is the inpatient census at the beginning of the next day and is commonly referred to as the number of patients remaining. True
the average number of inpatients present each day for a given period of time average daily inpatient census
Newborn census data can distort statistics related to resource use. True
When administrators and physicians ask for the average daily census, they may not always indicate to exclude newborns. True
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