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NASM CPT: Ch.6 2013

Fitness Assessment

What is a series of measurements to help determine the current health and fitness level of clients? Fitness Assessment
A pre participation health screening contains two items . . . they are? A medical history like the PAR-Q, and a review of their chronic disease risk factors and presence of any signs or symptoms of disease.
Why is knowing about a persons occupation relevant? 1. know about energy expenditure, 2. common movement patterns, 3. extended periods of sitting, 4. repetitive movements
What puts the ankle complex in a plantar flexed position for extended periods which can lead to tightness in the gastrocnemius, soleus and Achilles tendon? wearing high heels
What are the main areas of interest when surveying a client? Medical History, Lifestyle, and a general health history
What are used in the treatment of various psychiatric and emotional disorders? Antidepressants
What are used in the treatment of hypertension and congestive heart failure? Vasodilators
What are generally prescribed to correct or prevent bronchial smooth muscle constriction in individuals with asthma and other pulmonary diseases? Bronchodilators
What are generally prescribed for hypertension, congestive heart failure, and peripheral edema? Diuretics
What are generally prescribed for hypertension, congestive heart failure? Nitrates
What are generally prescribed for hypertension and angina Calcium channel blockers
What are generally used as antihypertensive may also be prescribed for arrhythmias? Beta blockers
Vasodilators and Calcium Channel Blockers make the heart rate ? fluctuate down, up and not at all
Beta Blockers, make the heart rate? do down
Antidepressants and Bronchodialtors and Diuretics effect heart rate? not at all
Where are the two places to take a pulse? Carotid Artery and the Radial Artery
What makes the blood pressure decline? Beta Blockers, Calcium channel Blockers, Vasodilators, antidepressants, diuretics, Nitrates,
What is the typical resting heart rate? between 70 - 80 beats per minute
Which heart rate training zone is .65 - .75? Zone 1 - builds aerobic base and aids in recovery
Which heart rate training zone is .76 - .85 zone 2 - increases aerobic and anaerobic endurance
Which heart rate training zone is .86 - .95? zone 3 - builds high-end work
What is this formula?(220 - age) and multiply by intensity Target Heart Rate
What is this equation for? (HR max - HR resting)(desired intensity)+ HR resting Target Heart Rate: HR Reserve Method
The top number on the blood pressure is called the Systolic
The bottom number on the blood pressure is called the diastolic
This number represents the pressure in the arteries systolic
This number represents the pressure when the heart is filling with blood. diastolic
The systolic blood pressure should be under or equal to 120 mm HG
The diastolic should be under or equal to 80 mm HG
The relative percentage of body weight that is fat versus fat-free tissue is: Body composition also called percent body fat
How much body percent fat should a man have? Essential: 3-5 %, athletic: 5 - 13%, Recommended: after age 34 = 10 - 25%
How much body percent fat should a woman have? Essential: 8 - 12 %, Athletic 12 - 22%, Recommended: 23% - 38%
Where are the 4 places to take the Darin Womersley SkinFold measurement? Biceps, triceps, subcapular, illiac crest
All skinfold measurements should be taken on which of the body. the right side
What is the equation for fat mass? Body percent (scale weight)
What is the equation for Lean Body Mass Scale weight - Fat mass = Lean Body mass
Why are circumference measurements helpful? 1. good for obese clients, 2. Good for comparisons, 3. Good for assessing fat pattern and distribution, 4. Inexpensive, Easy to record, 5. Little technical error, 6. used for waist circumference, 7. used for waist-to-hip ratio
What is the name of the calculation for the ratio of height to weight? BMI
This is the equation for: Weight (lbs)/Height (inches)squared X 703 BMI example: 135/60(squared)X 703= 135/3600 (703)= 26 Body Mass Index
What are the acceptable percentage for BMI? Between 18.6 and 24.9
Which cardio test has the client stair climb for 3 minutes, with an "up, up, down, down" cadence and takes the Heart Rate immediately after completing? YMCA 3 minute Step Test
Which test is designed to estimate a cardio starting point by recording weight, walking one mile, record the time it takes to walk one mile, record heart rate, and determine O2 consumption? Rockport Walk Test
By looking at the static posture of a person, a PT can identify 3 possible distortion patterns. Pronation Distortion Syndrome, Lower Crossed Syndrome, Upper Crossed Syndrome
what is a postural distortion characterized by foot pronation (flat feet) and adducted and internally rotated knees? Pronation distortion syndrome
What is a postural distortion characterized by an anterior tilt to the pelvis (arched lower back) Lower Crossed Syndrome
What is a postural distortion syndrome characterized by a forward head and rounded shoulder? Upper Cross Syndrome
What are the kinetic chain checkpoints? Foot and Ankle, Knee, Lumbo-pelvic-hip, shoulders, head and cervical spine
When giving a static postural assessment, look at the following views . . . Anterior, Lateral, and Posterior
What are the ways of assessing a dynamic posture? Overhead squat, single leg squat, pushing and pulling assessment
What are you looking for when assessing the overhead squat, single leg balance, pushing and pulling assessment? Body alignment to assess possible muscle imbalances.
What are the kinetic checkpoints for the overhead squat? Anterior -Feet and Knees- Flatten/Turn out, moves inward Lateral - Pelvic - excessive lean forward, low back arches, Shoulder - arms fall forward
What are the checkpoints for the single leg squat? Anterior-knees - Moves forward
What are the check points for the pushing assessment? Pelvic - Low back arches, Shoulder Complex - shoulders elevate, Head - head migrates forward
What are the checkpoints for the pulling assessment? Pelvic - low back arches, shoulder - shoulders elevate, head - head migrates forward
What does the push-up test measure? This test measures the muscular endurance of the upper body, primarily the pushing muscles
What does the Davies Test measure? Measures upper extremity agility and stabilization. (not suitable for athletes who lack shoulder stability)
How do you do a Davies Test? Put client into wide plank position 36 inches apart, touch right hand to left hand, count the number of touches for 15 seconds, repeat for 3 trials.
How would you assess lower extremity agility and neuromuscular control? Shark Skill Test
How do you do a Shark Skills Test? Create a box with 9 squares. Clinet hops on one leg, follows commands, returning to the center. Add time for non-hopping foot touching ground, hands coming off of the hips, foot goes into wrong square, foot doesn't return to center square.
Which assessment will assess the one-rep maximum on overall upper body strength? Overhead Bench Press. Lay on the press.
How do you do the bench press assessment? Client warms up with light resistance, rests one minute, adds 10 - 20 pounds, rests two minutes, repeats, until failure is achieved between 2 - 10 reps. You may use a chart to estimate the 1 rep max
What assesses the lower extremity strength? squat