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Critical Analysis Paper Summer 2013

terminally ill near death
assisted suicide giving a suffering patient a lethal dose of medicine knowing they are trying to end their life
phyician assisted suicide physician writes a prescription of lethal medician
mercy killing help a patient to death who is suffering
WWLST withdrawing/withholding life sustaning therapy
slippery slope agruement against assisted suicide
beneficence duty to do good or help people
normaleficence duty not to inflict harm on others
automomy respect for patients right to choose
CPR helping someone breathe by mechanical ventalation
euthanasia from Greece meaning "good death"
prominent involved
active (euthanasia) introducing something to cause death
passive (euthanasia) withholding treatment at the patients request
voluntary giving consent
premature death ending life before natural death
prolonged (life) being kept alive
termination ending of a life
vegetative state having no brain activity
advocate good choice
Created by: sschuster0216