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Focus on Health # 5

Chapters 15, 16, 17

Identity Theft A crime involving the fraudulent use of a person's name, Social Security number, credit line, or other personal, financial or identifying information.
Intimate partner violence (IPV) Interpersonal violence perpetrated by a current or former spouse, date, or cohabiting partner.
Stalking A crime involving repeated visual or physical proximity, nonconsensual communication, or threats that would cause fear in a reasonable person.
Terrorism Any actions intended to harm or kill civilians in order to intimidate a populace or force a government to take some actions.
Air Pollution Substances in the atmosphere that can have adverse effects on human health, crop productivity, and natural communities
Air toxics A class of 177 toxic air pollutants identified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as known or suspected causes of cancer or other serious health effects.
Asbestos A class of minerals that have a fibrous crystal structure; a known carcinogen when inhaled.
Carbon Monoxide A gaseous by-product of the incomplete combustion of natural gas, kerosene, heating oil, wood, coal, gasoline, and tobacco; a compound that can "inactive" red blood cells.
Fecal coliform bacteria A category of bacteria that live within the intestines of warm-bloooded animals
Green space Areas of land that are dominated by domesticated or natural vegetation, including rural farmland, city lawns and parks.
Ionizing radiation Electromagnetic radiation that is capable of breaking chemical bonds, such as X- rays and gamma
Nonionizing radiation Forms of electromagnetic radiation that cannot break chemical bonds, but may excite electrons or heat biological materials.
Radon A naturally occurring radioactive gas that is emitted during the decay of uranium in soil, rock, and water.
Toxic pollutants Substances known to cause or suspected of causing cancer or other serious health problems.
Tropospheric ozone Three oxygen atoms that are bound into a single molecule as it occurs in the lower layer of the atmosphere, close to the ground.
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) A wide variety of chemicals that contain carbon and readily evaporate into the air.
Crypts Burial locations generally underneath churches.
Direct (active) euthanasia Intentionally causing death.
Durable power of attorney for health care A legal document that designates who will make health care decisions for people unable to do so.
Epitaph An inscription on a grave marker or monument.
Eulogy A composition or speech that praises someone; often delivered at a funeral or memorial service.
Hospice An approach to caring for terminally ill patients that maximizes the quality of life and allows death with dignity.
Indirect (passive) euthanasia Allowing people to die without the use of life-sustaining procedures.
Living will A legal document that requires physicians or family members to carry out a person's wishes to die natually, without receiving sustaining treatments.
Mausoleum An above ground structure, which frequently resembles a small stone house,into which caskets can be placed for disposition.
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