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Chapter 6: Proteins

HUN 1201: Smolin: Lesson 6 Study Guide: Professor Barbara Goldman 6 . 2 201 3

Which animal and plant foods are concentrated sources of protein? is constructed of one or more folded, chainlike strands of amino acids.Essential Amino Acids
Describe the general structure of a protein. How does the elemental composition of amino acids differ from fatty acids and monosaccharides? meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, and other animal sources.3 These animal products are the most concentrated sources of protein.
What is an essential amino acid?
Define complete, incomplete and complementary proteins and give examples
What is the RDA for protein? Be able to calculate the protein intake recommendation for a man, when given hi s weight in pounds. For example, what is the protein recommendation for a 180 lb . man?
Define vegetarian and vegan. What nutrients are at risk of deficiency in vegan diets?
Briefly d escribe the role of DNA and genes in protein synthesis. Define gene expressio n, nutrigenomics and GMO ( G enetically M odified O rganisms in food). Why is GMO controversial? Be able to give an example of a GMO food crop.
Know what triggers a food allergy. List the 8 foods most likely to cause food allergies .
Define “amino acid pool”.When energy needs are met,what happens to the amino acids in the pool? When energy needs are not met, what happens to the amino acids in the pool?
Your classmate is a body builder who spends 4 hours everyday working out. Discuss why it is so importa nt for him to consume enough dietary carbohydrates to spare protein for protein functions.
Define deamination, and explain what happens to the nitrogen in the pathway. What organs are involved?
List 6 functions of protein in the body. What is the energ y density of proteins? Define collagen, hemoglobin, and antibodies. Give two examples of transport proteins. Give an example of a peptide hormone .
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