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what is counselling

Problems with Relationship & Breakdowns
Stress at Work
Grief & loss issues
Crisis Situations
Eating Disorders
Alcohol & Drug abuse
Mental Health problems
Helping through Conversation discussion aimed at problem solving
Counsellors do not Prescribe medication, give advice, assess physical health, or diagnose clients
Counselling depends on Qualities of warmth, genuineness & empathy
Effective skills of counselling are Communication, positive & respectful challenge & joint problem-solving
Counselling is activity which takes place when Someone who is troubled invites & allows another person to enter into a particular type of relationship with them
It is a special form of Communication with explicit contract
It is a confidential & non- Judgemental form of helping
It is based on the Principle of empowerment
It is a relationship in which One person helps another
It may take place in a group setting, where One person may help several people in a group
It entails a special kind of listening called Active listening
It is a process which helps people to Clarify & address problems
It recognises that each person is Unique with unique experinces
It is guided by theories about the causes of Problems, & the methods to help
It ia a activity carried out by Trained people
Created by: whitejoy