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Alcohol/Tobacco Rvw.

This activity will cover all concepts learned in Obj. 9.ATOD.1

Which of the following is not a short-term effect of alcohol? Enhanced vision
Drinking alcohol at inappropriate times is known as: Alcohol Abuse
The most avoidable cause of death in the US is considered to be: Tobacco Use
The blood's ability to carry oxygen is blocked by: Carbon Monoxide
Which of the followin is a controllable risk factor for alcoholism? Age that drinking begins
Tobacco smoke paralyzes and kills: Cilia
Which is not a stage of alcoholism Drinking & Driving
Herbal cigarettes, which may contain tobacco despite their names are also called Cloves, bidis, & kreteks
When you stop using tobacco, your senses of smell & taste will return within A few days
Alcohol is considered a drug because: It causes a change in a person's physical & emotional state
Which of the following is a warning sign of alcoholism? Professional & personal relationship problems
Which of the following effects does alcohol have on society? Lost productivity due to alcohol-related illness & premature death
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is: Combination of chronic bronchitis & emphysema
Smokeless tobacco can lead to Mouth sores & oral cancer
What is the numner one cause of death among teens? Motor vehicle accidents
Created by: kenlopo