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Intro vet tech

Study guide

Relates to the parts of the customer system that can be touched. Hardware
__software tells the hardware how to communicate with each other. Operating
___ is not a computer operating system. Excel
What programs help a user perform certain tasks? Applications
What manages the network? Server
What generates heat? Microprocessor , motherboard, and other hardware
How often should the computer case and monitor be dusted? Weekly
What should be cleaned every 2-3 months? Inside the computer case
What is stored in the computer? Database
What gives patients records? Query screen
When should you replace the software? 5-10 years
What are the pieces of info gathered for the computer ? Data
What refers to products and service that is on sale? Line items
What can decrease income Travel sheets
What is not supplied with veterinary software ? Predetermined product prices
What computer task should be performed daily? Information back- up
VSPN Veterinary support personnel network
AVMA American veterinary medical association
AVMA site is open to who? Everyone
Biannual trends survey AAHA
What can multi computers be connect to? Server which manages a networks
Who is required to have knowledge on general office procedures? All staff
Where does clients have routinely have access to? Outpatient
Anthopomorphism Projecting humane triats on to pets
General practitioner means? Offers primary care level services
What's is the main concern with inpatient areas? Patient security
Veterinary practices should set fees according to Cost of delivery of services
Fee slips can reduce or eliminate Embezzlement
For good client communication, the telephone should be answered by what ring? 3
In instances when a client appears unreasonable, indicate that they should speak with the Veterinarian
The best response to a difficult client who appears to be under the influence of drugs or drinking is Call the law enforcement
Advertising is a ___ portion of marking Small
Marketing can be divided into which two categories? Internal and external
A successful campaign for marketing that is responsible for 70% of scheduled vet appointments is Annual reminder cards
A personal marketing approach that has a positive effect on client perception is Sympathy and thank you cards
Which fees in veterinary facility should be competitive for the area Shopped
The primary factor in attracting new clients Location
The most important person in the veterinary practice is the Client
Which of the following is an indirect cost associated with running a veterinary facility? Utilities
The largest expense in a veterinary facility? Staff payroll
Computerized inventory control systems Don't cover all items in a practice and should be used with manual inventory control systems
Receptionists Friendly face, always smile, can make or break the practice
Why is feline friendly handling important in a veterinary practice? Clients will not bring cats to the vet regularly if they are stressed
When handling feline patients Less is more
Why do cats become aggressive at veterinary practices? Fear
What is the goal of feline friendly handling techniques? Reduced pain, fear for the cat, better lifelong medical care, reduced anxiety for the client.
The DNA of a cat is ____ to that of their wild ancestors than that of a dog Closer
Which of the following gives cats confidence and control? Defining a home range
Cats that are in the hospital should be kept in which cages? Those that are higher up
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