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Health Cres

Pathogen A germ which can be spread from any human to human contact
Carbohydrates An essential nutrient that is primarily used by the body as energy
Animal Most saturated fats in the US come from_______products
intake and Expenditure Its is important that Caloric_____ matches Caloric______ in order to maintain body weight
Fats helps to insulate the body and cushion the organs
Protein helps build and repair muscle tissue
Saturated A diet high in _________fat is bad for the heart
Heart, Teeth, Bones Anorexia and Bulimia mainly damage the _______,_________ and_______
Adult The BEST way to help a friend who has mentioned thoughts of suicide is to tell an __________
Immune If an individual is experiencing stress, they may have a weaker_________ system
Alcohol Poisoning the immediate danger of mixing Alcohol and Marijuana
Multiplies When Alcohol is consumed with prescription medications is________the effect
Mental Retardation Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the leading cause of____________ ___________
Media, Family, Friends These three factors have the most significant influence on teens decisions: ________ ,___________, and_____________
Coma A___________ is a short term effect of Binge Drinking
Time Frame, Amount Consumed, Weight The three factors that most significantly determine Blood Alcohol Content are: ____________, ___________, and ____________________
Sexual Harassment any unwanted remark, behavior or touch that has sexual content
Half Pregnancy is most likely to occur_________ way through the females menstrual cycle
Placenta The mother passes nutrients to her baby during prenatal development through the ________________
More Babies born to teen mothers are __________ likely to have health problems than babies born to adult mothers
Condoms A contrapositive device that offer protection from STI's
Abstinence The best way to prevent HIV infection is________________
HPV If left untreated in females,________ can lead to Cervical Cancer
Urine Doesn't carry HIV/AIDS
Oral Intercourse is one method of spreading HIV/AIDS
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