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mental health

anxiety disorders non-psychotic disorder in which a person feels overly worried about everyday things
depression feelings of sadness for a prolonged period of time
schizophrenia psychotic illness in which a person experiences hallucinations, delusions, behaviours or emotions that dont actually exist
eating disorders where a person frequently engages in unheslthy and destructive eating habits
bipolar mood disorder (manic depression) when a person experiences extreme mood swings
anxiety disorders- symptoms - ritualistic behaviour -nightmares - flashbacks of dramatic experiences - feelings of panic, fear and uneasiness
depression -symptoms - isolisation - loss of interest in things they once enjoyed - moodiness that is out of character - lack of sleep - having trouble taking minor critisms
schizophrenia- symptoms - hearing voices - feeling as if everyone is going to attack you - tingling, burining or stinging sensations - disorganised thoughts
bipolar mood disorder- symptoms - extreme mood swings- feeling as if you have heaps of energy and then feeling depressed - uncontrollable anger - lack of sleep - tense cravings for food
eating disorders- symptoms - anti social - weigh less than whats expected at their age and height
anxiety disorders- effects - isolisation -
Created by: Chelsea W