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LNA Skills

Equipment and Supplies

Skill 1: Handwashing Supplies water, soap, sink, paper towels
Skill 2: One Knee high elastic stockings elastic stockings
Skill 3: Assist to Ambulate Using Transfer Belt shoes, transfer belt (10 feet)
Skill 4: Assist with use of bedpan bedpan, toilet paper, gloves (2 pairs), hand-wipes, trash bin, signaling device, bed remote
Skill 5: Cleans upper or lower dentures gloves, liner for sink, dentures, toothbrush, toothpaste, tepid water, counter protector (chux or face-cloth...)
Skill 6: Counts and records radial pulse chair, second hand (clock), recording/writing device (say start and stop)
Skill 7: Counts and records respirations clock, writing utensil, recording form
Skill 8: donning and removing PPE gown, gloves, trash disposal
Skill 9: dresses client with right arm weakness 2 tops (large snap top), linen container
Skill 10: Feeds client (who cannot feed self) name card, bed remote, chair (face client), OTB table, handwipes (before and after), (tray: namecard, cup w/ fluid, straw, spoon, food), napkin (mouth wipe during & after feeding)
Skill 11: Modified Bath: (face (eyes), arm, hand, underarm) basin, soap, towels (2), facecloths (2), gloves, johnny,linen disposal, trash
Skill 12: Makes occupied bed bed remote, bottom sheet, top sheet, draw sheet, pillow case(s), blanket, side rails,
Skill 13: Measures and records blood pressure chair, alcohol wipes, stethoscope, BP cuff (sphygmomenometer), pillow,recording devices
Skill 14: measures & records Urinary output gloves, graduate, cammode/toilet, water to rinse, trash container, recording devices
Skill 15: Measures & records weight shoes, scale (zero'd), recording
Skill 16: Passive ROM for knee and ankle privacy curtain, (no pain), count reps (3)
Skill 17: Passive ROM on shoulder (remote prn), curtain, (no pain), count reps
Skill 18: Positions on side bed remote, siderails, pillows (3 + head) (top arm, back, between legs)
Skill 19: Catheter care for female gloves, basin (water warm), soap, 2-3 facecloths, towel(s), underpad (chux or waterproof pad), bath blanket, linen disposal, trash
Skill 20: Fingernail Care gloves, emesis basin (warm water), over bed table, chux for table, hand towels -2, emery board, orange stick, , linen cart, chair, trash bin
Skill 21: Foot Care gloves, basin (warm water), soap, 2 washcloths, towel, chucks (for under basin), lotion, linen cart, trash,
Skill 22: Mouth Care gloves, clothing protector (towel), facecloth (to wipe face after), emesis basin, mouthwash, 2 plastic cups (1 for water, 1 for mouthwash), linen cart, trash bin
Skill 23: Peri-Care for female gloves, basin, soap, waterproof pad or chux (don't forget to remove), 4 facecloths, hand towel or towel to dry, linen cart, trash basin
Skill 24: Transfers bed to wheelchair using transfer belt transfer belt, shoes, w/c (brakes), bed wheels, bed remote, signal light, (unlock brakes)