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Health Final Review

Alcohol/Tobacco/Preventing Drug Abuse

What is the addictive stimulant in cigarette smoke? Nicotine
What effect does intoxication have on brain function? Loss of inhibition Poor Judgment Loss of coordination & balance Blurred vision Slured speech Decreased alertness
What is the B.A.C(blood alcohol concentration) to be classified as "legally drunk"(for adults) and involves impairment in perception, judgment and muscle coordination. .08%
What do Nicotine and alcohol both have in common (2 things)? Very addictive & Gateway drugs
What is the interaction called when a person takes sleeping pills and they drink alcohol at the same time? Drug Synergism - Two drugs interact to produce a greater effect
List three reasons why people start smoking. Peer pressure media influence family influence To appear tough or cool
What happens to the hemoglobin in blood when you smoke? Carbon monoxide from tobacco smoke binds to the oxygen receptor sites preventing oxygen to transfer.
List three risks associated with alcohol abuse? Damage to the brain addiction liver damage heart damage digestive damage family problems violence neglect
If a teen thinks they have a problem with alcohol where could they go for help? Support groups School counselor teacher AA
List three risks associated with abusing both legal and illegal drugs? JAil death addiction violence
Created by: alexball