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central processing unit the central part of a computer system
continuity of care the copying of information from one computer to another
hardware the visible parts of a computer system
home page the first page you see when you start your browser
HTML tags special words that have different effects; a tag starts with the < symbol and ends with the > symbol
hyperlink refers to a link embedded in a document
hypertext document web page; contains hyperlinks to other documents stored locally or anywhere on the WWW
icon a picture used to represent an object
incident report a form that is used to document accidents and thefts in a health care facility
interface refers to the connection between two computer components
local area network (LAN) a data communications system often confined to a limited geographic area with moderate to high data rates
mainframe a large scale computer system that can house comprehensive software and several peripherals
managed care a system of providing health care that controls costs thru the cooperation of many programs in which physicians accept constrains on the amount charged for medical care and the patient is limited in the choice of physician
maximize to make a window take up the full screen
menu the list of available functions for selection by the operator, usually displayed on the computer screen once a program has been entered
minimize to shrink a program down so that it is displayed only in the task bar
modem A device that allows your computer to communicate with another computer over phone lines
old records patient medical charts or records from a previous hospitalization
port a place of access to a device or network, used for input and output of digital and analog signals
Read only memory Computer memory in which data can be routinely read but written only once using special means when the ROM is manufactured; used for storing data or programs (eg operating systems) permanently
real time data acted upon immediately instead of being accumulated and processed at a later time
resolution the smallest significant number to which a measurement can be determined.
response time the elapsed time between the generation of the last character of a message at a terminal and the receipt of the first character of the reply
server a computer running software that allows it to control the sharing of resources among many computers
shutdown command a command issued before turning off the computer so that any data in memory can be saved to disk
software the nonphysical parts of a computer system that include
taskbar the portion of the screen including the start button, the time display and everything in between
toolbar a collection of buttons, usually organized by category
webmaster one who develops and maintains a web site
web page all the text, graphics and sound visible with a single access to a web site; what you see when you request a particular URL