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HUC Surgery Orders

HUC Studies Surgery Orders

elective surgery surgery that is being done at the request of the patient but is done to correct a problem that is not life threatening at the moment
emergency surgery surgery that must be done right away to save the patient's life or limb
holding area the room or area where a patient waits before going into the operating room; usually located next door to the operating room
operating room room or area where surgery is performed
postoperative the period of time after the surgical procedure has been completed
surgeon a physician who specializes in performing surgery
surgical center a facility that operates soley to perform surgery
surgical patient someone who is admitted to the health care facility with the primary intent to have an operation
CRNA Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
ECG Electrocardiogram
EKG Electrocardiogram
ICU intensive care unit
IV intravenous
NPO nothing by mouth
OPS outpatient surgery
OR Operating room
PACU postanesthesia care unit
PAR Postanesthesia room
PAT Preadmission testing
Postop Postoperative
Preop preoperative
prep preparation
RR recovery room
SDS Same day surgery
SDCS same day cardiac services
TF to follow