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Health Final Exam

Healthy and Effective Lifestyles Exam

5 reasons for eating frequently 1. helps apatite control 2. helps protein absorption 3. regulates blood sugar 4. drink more water 5. nibble food all day long
6 artificial sweeteners 1. Saccharin 2. Aspertam 3. Sucralose 4. Neotane 5. Xylitol 6. Stevia
10 best foods for your life 1. bluberries 2. whole grain 3. orange juice 4. tea 5. milk 6. water 7. kale 8. yogurt 9. cranberries 10. kiwi
10 portion size comparisons 1. cd=bread 2. 4 dice=cheese 3. 1 palm=nuts 4. 1 makeup compact=cookie 5. 1 matchbook=salad dressing 6. 1 checkbook=fish 7. 1 rubix cube=fruit 8. 1 pingpong ball=peanut butter 9. 4 golfballs=cereal 10. 1 small fist= veggies
5 reasons to eat breakfast 1. memory 2. improved grades 3. jumps starts meeting fiber and vitamin needs 4. controls weight 5. reduces risk of heart attack
What are 2 facts about blueberries? #1 antioxydents, 4 grams of fiber
What are 2 facts about whole grain? lowers cholesterol, lowers risk of breast cancer
What are 2 facts about orange juice? bolsters immune system, 70 mg of vitamin C
What are 2 facts about tea? 4,000 chemical compounds, immune system boost
What are 2 facts about milk? soy milk is better for you, 50% of calories come from fat
What are 2 facts about water? softer skin, filters out impurities
What are 2 facts about kale? 4X more calcium than spinach, #1 veggie for antioxidants
What are 2 facts about yogurt? #1 source of calcium, pro-biotic
What are 2 facts about cranberries? resists bacteria
What are 2 facts about kiwi? high in vitamin C, almost as much potassium as a banana
What are 2 facts about saccharin? 300X sweeter, derived from petroleum
What are 2 facts about aspartame? 180X sweeter, used in 6,000 products world wide
What are 2 facts about sucralose? splenda, made from sugar
What are 2 facts about neotane? 7,000 times sweeter, approved in 2002
What are 2 facts about xylitol? sugar alcohol, same sweetness as normal sugar
What are 2 facts about stevia? over 200 years old, heat stable
Created by: Flidisha