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Health Definitions

Important definitions

Health The state of complete social, mental, and physical well being not merely the absence of disease.
Individual Human Development Series of orderly and predictable changes to the complexity of an individual that takes place over the course of a lifetime.
Health Status Overall level of health of an individual or population taking into account various aspects such as life expectancy and amount of disability.
Burden of Disease Measurement applied to a statistical group or the gap between current health status and the ideal situation of living into old age free of disease and disability.
Disability Adjusted Life Year (DALY) Measurement of health, which combines both the impact of premature death and the impact of disability and illness.
Incidence Number of new cases of disease or injury during a given period.
Prevalence Number of case of a given disease or condition in a population at a particular time.
Morbidity Frequency of illness or disease in a population.
Mortality Frequency of deaths in a population
Physical Health Efficient functioning of the body and its systems.
Social Health Engaging in a positive behavior and sustaining productive relationships with friends, family, and the community.
Mental Health The state of a persons mind and thought processors.
Years of Life Lost (YLL) Measurement of the loss of years of life due to premature death.
Years Lost due to Disability (YLD) Measurement of the loss of healthy life as a result non-fatal health conditions such as disease and injury.
Human lifespan Period of an individuals life from conception through to death.
Physical development Changes to the complexity and functioning of the structures and systems of the body.
Growth Increase in the number and size of cells in the body.
Incidence Number of new cases of disease or infection during a given period.
Motor Development Learning to coordinate muscle groups to gain control of the body.
Gross Motor Development Actions that require the coordination of large groups of muscles.
Fine Motor Development Learning to control body movements that involve the coordination of small groups of muscles.
Intellectual Development Process by which a persons ability to think and reason increases in complexity.
Language Development Learning to communicate through the use of spoken and written words.
Emotional Development Learning to understand and control moods and feelings.
Self Concept Attitudes and beliefs a person holds about their abilities.
Self Esteem Way that a person feels about their appearance and abilities.
Social Development Learning to interact with other people as a result of an increasing complexity of behavior patterns.
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