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What is the term for when a person is unable to reproduce? Sterililty
What type of cancer is found in men ages 20-34? Testicular cancer
what condition occurs when part of the intestine pushes into the scrotum? Inguinal hernia
What is it called when the testes do not "fall" into the scrotum at birth? Undescended testes
What is the mixture of male reproductive cells and fluids? Semen
The pouch that contains the testes is called the what? Scrotum
What is the period of sexual development in which males & females become sexually mature and able to produce children called? Puberty
What is the process by which one egg is released by the ovary approximately once a month called? Ovulation
What is the breakdown and discharge of endometrium and unfertilized egg called? Menstruation
What is the irritation or inflammation of the vagina usually accompanied by a discharge called? Vaginitis
The menstrual cycle is controlled by what body system? Endrocrine
What is the medical procedure in which cells are removed from the cervix and examined for signs of cancer called? Pap test
What day does ovulation occur durring a 28-day menstrual cycle? on or around the 14th day
What is the condition called in which a fertilized ovum implants itself in any place other than the lining of the uterus? Ectopic Pregnancy
Pregnancy is divided into three periods known as what? Trimesters
During which part of a woman's cycle is she most likely to become pregnant? at ovulation and at least 48hrs before and after the egg is released
The developing embryo or fetus is enclosed in a bag of thin tissue called the what? Amniotic sac
A bacterial STI can be cured by What? Antibiotics
What is the organ that holds the embryo to the wall of the uterus called? Placenta
What type of infection involves difficulty urinating or an excessive need to urinate? Baldder infection (UTI)
Which trimester is the most crucial for the developing embryo? 1st trimester
What is the process sometimes needed that surgically removes the baby from the mother? Cesaren section
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