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Healthy Relationship

5th grade healthy relationships unit

What is communication? A clear exchange of ideas and information.
What are the two parts of communication Sending and Receiving
What is a relationship? A connection you have with another person or group.
What are different way to communicate? Language Body Language Face to face, Phone, email, text, sign language
What is body language? facial expressions, eye contact, gestures, and posture.
What is a mixed message? When words do not match body language.
When sending a message what should you remember? Think then speak Use "I" messages Make clear statements Be honest use appropriate body language
When receiving a message what should you remember? Listen actively Ask questions Use approprite body language wait your turn
What is family? the basic unit of society
Every family member has a _____________? Role to Play
Define Nuture? To fulfill physical, mental/emotional and social needs.
A place to live food and clothing are examples of families meeting what needs? Physical
Giving love, Warmth, security and acceptance is an example of a family meeting what needs? Emotional
Strong families understanding the importance of sharing is an example of a family meeting what needs? Social needs
What is abuse? A pattern of mistreatment of another person.
What is physical abuse? Involves the use of physical force.
What is emotional abuse? Involves yelling and putting family members down.
What is sexual abuse? Any mistreatment of a child or adult involving sexual activity.
What is neglect? The failure of parents to provide their children with basic physical and emotional care and protection.
What is friendship? A special type of relationship between people who enjoy being together.
What reasons may you become friends with someone? Location Shared Interests Personality Traits
What are some tips for building friendships Get you know yourself Break the ice Joing a club, team, community group
What is cooperation? working together for the common good.
If a friend is dependable we might also call them? Reliable
If a friend is faithful we might also call them? Loyal
The ability to identify and share anothers persons feeling is called what? Empathy
Friends and other people in your age group are called what? Peers
The influence that people your age may have on your is called what? Peer pressure
___________ ____________ ____________ can inspire you to improve yourslef or do something worthwhile. Positive Peer Pressure
What is negative peer pressure? Encouraging someone to do someting wrong or harmful.
Created by: feltont