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HUC Nutrition Orders

HUC Studies; Nutritian Orders

bolus a single amount given all at once
diet board a list of all the department's patients and the nutrition and meals that have been ordered for them
enteral by way of the intestine or gastrointestinal tract
gastrostomy tube A small plastic hose inserted into a cut or incision in the skin directly to the stomach or small intestine
nasogastric tube a tube inserted in the patient's nose and routed directly into the stomach
nutrients the substances that provide the body with energy and the materials necessary for growth and the maintenance of body tissues and proper cell functioning
nutrition the process by which the body absorbs food and uses it for growth and maintenance
parenteral apart from or way from the intestine
tube feeding food in liquid form is given to a patient through a tube that is inserted into the stomach
ADA American Dietetic Association
As tol As Tolerated
Cal Calorie
cc cubic centimeters
CDR Commission on Dietetic Registration
Chol Cholesterol
Cl liq Clear Liquid
DAT Diet as Tolerated
G-tube Gastrostomy tube
Gen general
gen liq general liquids
gm gram
Hi protein high protein
I/O Intake/Output
K potassium
Lo chol or low chol low cholesterol
lo Na or low Na low sodium
lo NaCl or low NaCl Low salt
lo protein low protein
lo res or low res low residue
mech soft mechanical soft
ml milliliters
Na Sodium
NaCl salt
NAS No added Salt
NG nasogastric
NPO nothing by mouth
P or Phos Phosphorus
Reg Regular
Six major nutrients 1. water 2. Lipids 3. Proteins 4. Carbohydrates 5. Vitamins 6. Minerals
Regular/General Diet balanced, nutritional diet with no restrictions. Consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks and beverages as desired.
DAT; Diet as tol a regular diet that progresses or changes in consistency or texture. May progress from ice chips to water to clear liquid to general liquids to soft foods and to regular/general diet.
therapeutic diet a diet that is modified to improve or treat specific conditions. Also called special diet. May have specific nutrients that are restricted or controlled or increased.
Diabetic or ADA diet (American Dietetic Association) intended to decrease the need for diabetic medication and to control weight by managing calories and carbohydrates
Bland Diet diet of easily digested foods and foods that do not irritate the digestive tract
Calorie Controlled Diet May be ordered as high-calorie or low-calorie diet, or a specific number of calories may be indicated, 1200-calorie diet.
Consistent carbohydrate or carbohydrate controlled diet A diet intended to decrease the need for diabetic medication and/or to control weight by managing carbohydrates
Fluid restricted diet a diet that controls or monitors liquids. This type of diet limits the amount of liquids in cc or mL. Ex: restrict fluids to 1200 cc per day.
low cholesterol diet A diet restricted in cholesterol. May be abbreviated as low chol or lo chol
Low fat a diet restricted in fat
low fiber or low residue a diet restricted in bulk or fiber. low res or lo res
low sodium or low salt a diet that restricts salt; lo Na/low Na; lo NaCl or low NaCl; NAS (no added salt); 2 gm Na or 3.5 gm Na
Mechanical soft a diet that is easy to chew. This type of diet would be ordered for a patient who has difficulty chewing.
Potassium restricted A diet that restricts potassium. Usually specified in milliequivalents. Ex: 30 mEq K
Pureed or blenderized a diet that breaks down the solid foods into a liquid form for ease of chewing and swallowing
Protein May be written as high protein or low protein.
Renal a diet for the patient with kidney disease. Will likely restrict protein, sodium (Na), potassium (K) and phosphorus (P or Phos)
Small feedings a diet for the patient who would benefit from smaller, more frequent meals.
Religious or cultural diets kosher, vegetarian, no pork
Holding Diets Patient may not have anything to eat or drink. NPO - nothing by mouth. "Hold breakfast" in order for patient to fast for a blood test. After successful test, patient receives breakfast tray
Monitoring Diets Food, liquid or both may be monitored. If food, calorie count for meal will be noted then food that was eat is recorded. Info usually sent back to dietary dept to calculate calories consumed. Intake/Output recorded
Supplements is a type of food or drink that is fortified with additional nutrients and vitamins. In form of canned liquid, puddings or candy-type bars. Ex. Sustacal and Ensure.
Tube feedings patient's condition may prohibit him from taking food by mouth. Tube feeding is food in liquid form that is given through a tube that is inserted into the stomach.
enteral feedings a tube feeding may be referred to this way. Is sometimes used when the patient is able to eat small amounts by mouth but cannot obtain enough food that way.
nasogastric tube, NG, or tube Tube inserted into patient's nose and routed directly to the stomach.
gastrostomy tube or g-tube A small plastic hollow hose may also be inserted into a cut or incision in the skin directly to the stomach or small intestine. Procedure is done under xray guidance.
parenteral nutrition Some patients cannot get the necessary nutrients by mouth or by enteral feedings. Refers to administering fluieds or medications by injection. Nutrition is delivered to the patient directly into the blood, through a catheter inserted into a vein
diet board place to record patient diets. Lists all of the departments patients and the nutrition and meals that have been ordered for them.
Standing orders most diets are standing orders