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Undescended Testes Testes do not "fall" into scrotum at birth
Enlarge prostate sign of prostate cancer
Sterility When a person is unable to reproduce
Testosterone the hormone that regulates male sexual developement
Semen the mixture of male reproductive celss and fluids
Scrotum the pouch that contains the testes
Puberty the period of sexual development in which males and females become sexually mature and able to produce children
Fertilization the joining of a male sperm and female egg to form a new life
ovulation occurs near or during 14th day : easiest time to get pregnant in
abstinance only way to 100% prevent pregnancy
HIV/AIDS STI in which there is kno known cure and caused by a virus
Trimester 3 parts pregnancy is divided into
symptoms of STI's Thick, foul odered, discharge, burning and pain in urination, itching and redness of genitalia
cesarean section the process sometimes needed that surgically removes the baby from the mother.
STI causes may cause sterility and pelvic inflammatory disease
Signs of fetal alcohol syndrome mental retardation, heart defects, poor motor development
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