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Health and wellness

Health a combination of physical, mental, and social well being.
Wellness state of being healthfully balanced.
Habit a pattern of behavior you follow almost without thinking.
Prevention keeping something from happening.
Decisions choices that you make
Consequences a result
Risk the chance of harm or loss.
Cumulative Risk is the addition of one risk factor to another, increasing the chance of harm or loss
Values beliefs you feel strongly about that helps guide the way you live.
Character the way you think, feel, or act.
Goal something that you hope to accomplish.
Short-term goal one that you plan to accomplish in a short amount of time.
Long-term goal one that you hope to achieve within a period of months or years.
What are the 3 things on the health triangle? Physical, mental/emotional, and social.
Give an example of good social health. Spending time with both family and friends.
Internal influences differ from external influences? Give 2 examples of each. Internal influences are influences that come from inside of you but the external influences are influences that come from the outside sources. Internal influences can differ peoples likes and dislikes. External influences are people that can influence peo
Why did advocacy considered a health skill? Because that is like the refusal skills but the oppisite.
Why is it important to consider your values when you make decisions? It is important to consider your values because they are beliefs you feel strongly about that help the way you live.
How are responsible decisions related to good decisions? Because you are thinking about your life.
Created by: bethsoccer123