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Mental / Emotional

5th grade Mental / Emotional Health

What is Self-esteem? A measure of how much you like and respect yourself.
What is Resilience? The ability to work through and recover from disappointment.
Who are your greatest influences on self-concept? Parents
How you view your talents and abilities is a big influence on what? Self-Concept
Family members, friends and teachers can give you what in order to build your Self-concept? Positive messages
What are 3 things you can do to develop your self-concept? List strength and weaknesses Have confidence in yourslef Accept encouragement set goals Find friends that encourage you Avoid worrying about harmful remarks
what is Character? The way you think, feel, and act. Reflected in your attitudes, views, and words.
What four things do people with good character posses? Loyal to their friends Respectful Honest Able to keep an open mind
What are the 6 traits of good character? (also known as the pillars of character) Trustworthiness Respect Responsibility Fairness Caring Citizenship
How does character develop? Shaped by the people around you Influenced by experiences in line and your values
A person whose success or behavior serves as a good example for others. Role Model
How often should you show your good character? Always its a way of living and part of who you are.
Feelings such as joy, love, anger, or fear. Emotions
What triggers our emotions? Daily Events
what are powerful chemicals produced by glands, which regulate many body functions? Hormones
What is the first step in understanding a strong or difficult emotion? Understanding what you are feeling
What are healthy ways to deal with strong/difficult emotions? Physical activity – helps relieve tension. Talk with family or friends. Create something (drawing, poem..) Listen to music
What is your body's response to changes around you called? Stress
This type of stress can help you to accomplish goals? Positive Stress (good stress)
This type of stress can be unhealthy and get in your way. Negative Stress (bad stress)
These are feelings of uncertainty or worry over what may happen. Anxiety
What is the stress Response? How nature prepares the bodyto deal with threats or harm
What is the Fight-or-Flight response? Your body is preparing to fight the threat or take flight from it.
what are the 6 steps for managing stress? Identify the source Set your priorities Budget your time Redirect your energy Talk to someone Put things into perspective Physical Activity
This type of disorder keeps a person from functioning normally? Anxiety disorder
This type of disorder involves a person's mood going from one extreme to the other? Mood Disorder
This disorder is marked by long periods of hopelessness and despair? Depression
The deliberate act of taking one's own life away is called? Suicide
Suicide is the ________ leading cause of dealth in people ages 10 to 14. 3rd
What are two causes of emotional problems? Chemical changes in the brain Heredity
How can emotional problems be treated? Medication, counseling, combination of both
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