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parts of the brain

frontal lobe located at the front of the brain , thinking, planning, social skills
broca's area speech production and grammar
parietal lobe touch, non verbal thinking
occipital lobe vision
wernickes area speech comprehension
temporal lobe language, hearing, visual pattern recognition
endocrine system collection of glands that control various bodily functions through the secretion of hormones. through the blood streem
axon carries information to another neuron
neurotransmitter transmit information from one neuron to another as they are released into the synapse
somatic nervous system carries sensory information to the brain and motor neurons that direct the action of skeletal muscles
autonomic nervous system controls basic life processes such as heartbeat digestive system and breathing
forebrain - cerebrum and cortex allows much more sensory cognitive and motor processes , emotional cognitive and behavioural processes
spinal cord carries out reflexes transmits messages from the brain to the muscle and organs
hindbrain - medulla oblongata - cerebellum and parts of the reticular formation link the brain to the spinal cord , controlling the supply of air and blood to cells in the body and regulate arousal level. , MOVEMENT
midbrain- tectum and tegmentum help humans orient to visual and auditory stimuli with eye and body movements VISION AND HEARING
name the 3 kinds of neurons sensort , motor and interneurons
sensory neuron transmits receptors to the brain either through spinal cord or directly
interneurons nerve cells that connect other neurons with one another
motor neurons transmit commands to glands and body through spinal cord
axon long extention from the cell body as long as 1 meter, axons have 1 or 2 shoot offs called collateral branches
myelin sheath transmit information to other neurons
hypothalamus hunger thirst aggression
amygdala aggression and fear
cerebral cortex behaviour and higher mental processes
corpus callosum thick band of axons connecting the two hemispheres of the cerebral cortex
thalamus relays sensory messages to cortex
pons movement walking sleep and dreaming
cerebellum balance movement perception
medulla breathing heartbeat , life functions
absolute threshold minimum amount of physical energy needed for an observer to notice a stimulus
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