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What does RICE stand for? Rest Ice Compression Elevation
What are the causes of choking? partly chewed food dentures running, playing, talking
what does AED stand for? Automated External Defibrilator
Burns are classified by the _____ of the burn depth
one way to control bleeding is to apply _____ to the wound pressure
what does the universal precautions include? washing hands latex gloves mouthpiece
open wound in which tissue is separated from the body avulsion
name a step of treating 2nd degree burns cool the burn and wrap with sterile dressing
an open wound in which the skin is scraped abrasion
When should you use pressure point bleeding control? after elevating the wound and a pressure bandage do not stop the bleeding
what should you do when trying to control bleeding on an open wound? cover the wound with sterile gauze
what are the first 2 links of the chain of survival? calling 911 and beginning CPR
what should you do if someone is choking and coughing encourage them to keep coughing
what is the first step of CPR for adults? clear anything blocking the airway
what is the sudden and painful tightening of a muscle? cramp
an injury of a muscle that results from overuse strain
how should you treat a muscle cramp? apply moist heat
what should you do to prevent swelling? raise the leg above the level of the heart
if blinking does not get the foreign object out of the eye, what should you do? flush the eye with water
what is the primary goal of first aid? prevent choking until professionals arrive
What should a person not do to a venomous bite? apply ice or heat
what should you do when stung by an object? remove the stinger by scraping or brushing it
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