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HUC Cert Review 1-8

WeCare Online, Health Unit Coordinator Cert Course Review

acuity The severity of the patient's condition and the level of care needed for the patient.
acute A rapid onset and a short but severe course.
Allergist Specializes in allergies
Anesthesiologist Administers anesthesia during surgery or other major procedures
angiography X-ray study of the inside of the heart and blood vessels. It is done after a dye is injected.
autonomy The state of functioning independently, without outside influence, or being self-reliant
Behavioral Health Long Term A unit of facility for patients with psychiatric or mental illness diagnoses.
BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing
cardiac catheterization A test in which a long tube is passed into the heart through a large blood vessel in an arm or leg.
Cardio (dept) Cardiology - Inpatient
Cardiology (Cardio) Inpatient; a unit where patients with heart diagnoses are admitted.
Cardiologist Specializes in the study and treatment of the heart
cardiology The study of the heart
case management A management system in which the case manager reviews patient care and changes systems to reflect the best possible treatment with the best possible outcomes.
certification Compliance with a set of standards defined by nongovernmental organizations
chronic Long-lasting and recurrent
CICU Coronary intensive care unit
clinical care Direct, hands-on care
clinical laboratory A room or building equipped for scientific analysis of body fluids and tissues
clinical provider One who provides direct patient care, care given with direct hands-on contact with the patient.
CNA Certified Nurse Assistant
competency The skills and/or abilities of an individual to perform the requirements of te job description
coordination The arrangement or harmonious functioning of parts for the requirements of the job description
critical thinker A member of the patient care delivery team who makes the critical decisions for the patients on the team, usually a registered nurse.
department A division, a section, or a separate part of a whole, a unit
DO Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
DRG Diagnosis Related Groups
drug formulary A listing of medications available in the facility's pharmacy
dumbwaiter Small mechanical pulley elevator large and sturdy enough to allow for portable equipment and supplies to be sent up vertically through the floors of the facility.
Podiatrist Treats foot disease
PP Postpartum
Postpartum Department The department where patients are admitted after they have a baby
PPR Postpartum Recovery
Postpartum Recovery The department where patients who have delivered a baby recover.
Pre-op Preoperative Unit
Preoperative Unit Inpatient unit where a patient is prepared for an operation
Prenatal clinic Outpatient department that provides ongoing services to patients during their pregnancy
Progressive Care Unit/Step Down Inpatient unit with special monitoring equipment. It may be a unit that provides a level of care between intensive and general
Pulmonology Inpatient unit where patients lung or respritory diagnoses are admitted.
Radiologist Specializes in performing and reading x-rays and other radioactive exams.
Radiology Outpatient department with equipment that makes images of internal organs and bones. This is usually a one-time service.
Rehabilitation Long term unit or facility for patients with physical disabilities requiring therapy, such as after a stroke or motor vehicle accident.
RN Registered Nurse
RT Respiratory Therapist
SDS Same Day Surgery, Outpatient
Same Day Surgery Outpatient Surgery
SICU Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Sleep lab Outpatient department that diagnoses and treats sleep disorders
Social Security A U.S. government program that provides financial support for people faced with disabilities, illness, old age, or unemployment
Sports medicine Outpatient department that provides health services to athletes
Substance Abuse/Addiction Long term department or facility for patients with addicition diagnoses
Surg Surgical, Inpatient
Surgical Inpatient unit where patients with scheduled inpatient surgery are admitted.
team care A system in which different members of a nursing care team provide patient care to meet the patient's needs.
Telemetry Inpatient cardiac unit with special heart-monitoring equipment
ED Emergency Department, Outpatient
Emergency Department Outpatient department that provides immediate medical attention. Many of the services offered by this department are on a one-time basis, but some medical problems require follow-up treatments in other departments of the health care facility.
Epidemiologist Deals with the causes, distribution and control of diseases.
ER Emergency Room, outpatient
Emergency Room Same as ED, outpatient
Extended care facility Long term facility that provides long-term inpatient care, such as a nursing home
focused care A patient care delivery system in which the patient is the focus of the care provided
Gen General, inpatient
General Inpatient unit where patients with medical diagnoses are admitted. Same as Medical Unit
Genetics Outpatient department that provides genetic testing or test that provide information about inherited diseases. This services would probably be done in just one or two visits.
Gerontologist Specializes in aging and diseases associated with aging.
health care team A team of health care providers who provide clinical and nonclinical care to the patient.
Hemodialysis Outpatient department with dialysis machines that are used to cleanse blood for patients whose kidneys are not able to filter blood. Usually this is an ongoing service, perhaps done every few days.
Home care Long term department that provides care and equipment to patients in their homes
Hospice Long term department or facility that provides inpatient or outpatient care to terminally ill patients
HRP High-risk perinatal
High-risk Perinatal department that provides services to patients with high-risk pregnancies
HUC Health Unit Coordinator
ICD International Classification of Disease
inpatient A patient who usually spends more than 24 hours in the health care facility and meets the criteria set forth by the health care facility.
Internist Experts on treating problems of the internal organs
JCAHO Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
job description A written document describing the duties, responsibilities, skills, qualifications, and reporting relationships of a particular job.
L&D Labor and Delivery
Labor and Delivery the department where mothers in labor are admitted and babies are delivered
LPN Licensed Practical Nurse
MD Doctor of Medicine
Med. Medical, Inpatient
Medical Inpatient unit where patients with medical diagnoses are admitted; Same as General
Medicaid A U.S. program administered by each individual state to provide medical assistance for people with low incomes and resources
medical staff The licensed physicians who have privileges to admit and attend to patients in the health care facility
Medicare A U.S. federal health insurance program designed to provide all older adults with medical coverage at an affordable cost
MICU Medical Intensive care unit
NAHUC National Association of Health Unit Coordinators
National Association of Health Unit Coordinators (NAHUC) The only professional association for health unit coordinators
Nephrology Inpatient unit where patients with kidney diagnoses are admitted.
Neuro Neurology, Inpatient
Neurology Inpatient unite where patients with nervous system diagnoses are admitted
NICU Neonatal intensive care unit
nonclinical Indirect patient care or duties; care or duties performed without having direct physical or hands-on contact with the patient.
nonclinical provider One who provides only indirect care for the patient; does not provide care at the bedside or by touching the patient.
NP Nurse Practitioner
Nursery A unit for newborn babies
nursing care team A team of clinical and nonclinical nursing staff who provide care to the patient.
Onc Oncology, Inpatient
Oncology Inpatient unit where patients with cancer are admitted.
Oncologist Specializes in cancer
OPS Outpatient Surgery
Outpatient Surgery Outpatient unit where a patient will go before and after an operation that does not require an overnight stay. It is usually a one-time service.
OR Operating Room, Inpatient
Operating Room Inpatient department where surgery is performed
Ortho Orthopedic, Inpatient
Orthopedic Inpatient unit where patients with orthopedic or bone diagnoses are admitted.
Outpatient A patient who usually requires health care for less than 24 hours and meets the criteria set forth by the health care facility
PA Physician's Assistant
PACU Postanesthesia Care Unit, Inpatient
Postanesthesia Care Unit Inpatient department where surgical patients recover after receiving a general anesthesia during operation
paper requisition A paper form used for ordering tests from hospital departments
patient care
patient classification system A manual or computerized method used to determine patient acuity levels. It addresses criteria such as the tasks and characteristics associated with each patient. It is a method of determining, validating,& monitoring individual patient care requirements.
Peds Pediatrics, Inpatient
Pediatrics Inpatient unit where children are admitted.
PDR Physician's Desk Reference
Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) A medication reference book
PICU Pediatric intensive care unit
PM&R Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Outpatient
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Outpatient department or group of departments that provides services to patiends needing physical, occupational, vocational or speech/communication therapy. The service provided by this dept is usually ongoing.
terminal competency The end goal of training; what a student has learned at the end of the training course
total patient care A patient care delivery system in which one care provider on each shift provides the entire care for a patient
Trauma services Outpatient department that treats serious or critical bodily injuries
unit a division, a section, a subgroup with a special function, a department
unit census a list of the names of all the patients within the unit and demographic information about each patient
CT computerized tomography
computerized tomography A technique for examining internal structures of the body that shows a detailed cross section of tissue structure. Is a highly accurate picture that shows the relationships of structures to each other.
diagnose to determine the type and cause of a health condition on the basis of a patient's signs and symptoms, laboratory tests, and information about family and occupational background as well as recent injuries or exposure to dangerous substances.
diagnostic departments Areas of a hospital, clinic, or long-term health care facility that examine the patient with specialized equipment to determine the nature or the cause of the disease as well as the extent of the injury or illness
diagnostic x-ray Electromagnetic radiation of shorter wavelength than visible light; can go through most substances and are used to investigate the integrity of certain structures.
endoscopic General term regarding visual examination of the body organs or cavities
gastroenterologist A physician who specializes in diseases and treatment of the stomach and intestines.
gastroenterology The study of the stomach, intestines, and related structures such as the esophagus, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas.
gastrology the study of the function and diseases of the stomach.
MRI Magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic Resonance Imaging A noninvasive diagnostic technique that produces computerized images of internal body tissue and is based on nuclear magnetic resonance of atoms within the body induced by the application of radio waves.
mammography X-ray of the breast and its soft tissues.
nuclear medicine A branch of medicine that uses radioactive chemical elements in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
occupational therapist A person licensed to work with patients who need help in activities of daily living
occupational therapy The training of patients with physical injury or illness, mental disease, or learning problems to work and live by themselves despite any health problem that might keep the patient from living a normal life.
pathology The study of the traits, causes, and effects of disease, as seen in the structure and workings of the body
phlebotomist One who draws blood from a vein
physical therapist A person who is licensed to assist in testing and treating physically disabled patients
physical therapy A profession that is responsible for the management of the patient's movement system
pulmonary medicine Pertains to the lungs and the breathing system
pulmonologist A physician who specializes in lung diseases
radiology A branch of medicine that uses radiant energy such as x-rays or ultrasound to prevent and treat disease
respiratory therapist A person who, under the guidance of a doctor, gives oxygen and helps patients do chest exercises to help patients with breathing difficulties
respiratory therapy Any treatment that maintains or improves the function of the respiratory tract
speech therapist A person trained in speech pathology who treats people with disorders affecting normal speech
speech therapy Therapeutic treatment of speech defects
therapeutic department A department in which patients receive treatment
ultrasound The use of high-frequency sound to create images of the internal anatomy.
ADL Activities of Daily Living
U/S Ultrasound
Echocardiogram An exam using sound frequencies to study the function of the heart
Electrocardiogram An exam that records electrical impulses of the heart
ECG/EKG Electrocardiogram
Holter monitor A device that monitors heart activity throughout the course of the day. A patient wears electrodes, and the heart activity is recorded on a small tape recorder that the patient wears around the waist or chest.
Bronchoscopy Visualization of the trachea, bronchi, and bronchial tree.
Colonoscopy Visualization of the lining of the large intestine
Gastroscopy Visualization of the inside of the stomach
Proctoscopy Visualization of the rectum and lower end of the colon
Clinical laboratory technologist Persons who work in any of the various clincal lab sections after appropriate training. The clinical assistant my assist in the collection, preparing, and recording of body fluid specimens. THere are different levels clinical lab techs.
Clincical pathology technologists Persons whose main responsibility is examining and analyzing body fluids, tissues, and cells. They usually have a Bachelor's degree or certificate from a hospital.
Pathologists Physicians who specialize in disease and work performed in the clinical lab
Pathology assistants Persons who assist in autopsies, dissections and processing of tissue.
Pathology secretaries Persons who assist pathologists as a receptionist and by arranging meetins and typing reports
business office Has responsibilities for calculating the patient account and for sending and monitoring the patient's hospital bill.
chaplains On-call ministers of vaious faiths who provide spiritual support when needed
clinical information services Another name for the medical records department
computer services department A department that provides assistance to health care facility personnel regarding computer hardware and software
direct support services Services provided face to face with patients to enhance the health care stay, yet not necessarily providing patient care
environmental services Another name for housekeeping staff
hospital information management Another name for the medical records department
human resources The department, also known as employment or personnel, that is responsible for interviewing and offering positions to qualified applicants.
HVAC A division of the maintenance department focusing on the heating, ventilation and air conditioning of a health care facility.
indirect support services Services provided that assist in the care of the patient but do no involve face to face contact with the patient
information services another name for computer services
loss prevention another name for the security department
medical records The department responsible for storing patient records, coordinating release of information and tabulating data from records for research purposes.
security department A department that works to ensure the safety and security of patients, visitors, and health care facility staff
support services Services provided in the health care setting that assist the staff in providing patient care or provide patient assistance
CIS Clinical Information Serivces
CPR Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
HIM Hopsital Information Management
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
IS Information Services
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
PAS Patient Access Services
administration The group of managment people administratively responsible for the health care system
CEO Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer The individual having overall responsibility for coordinating the health care system
CFO Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer The individual having responsibility for the financial policies and procedures of the health care system
director of nursing The individual having responsibility for the nursing departments and nursing department employees who deliver patient care
DON Director of Nursing
governing board Also called hospital board, board of directors, or board of trustees; a group of people selected from the community to develop organizational and operational policy for the health care system.
leadership team The group of people who head the various divisions, departments, and units of the health care system; the administration
middle management The group of managers between the employees and the leadership team
mission statement A written statement of purpose that defines the essence of the health care system
nurse manager A nurse who manages a patient care unit
vision statement A written statement definingthe health care system's future and the direction that will be pursued in achieving it.