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davison chapter 7

chapter review 7

violence is the threat of or actual use of physical force against oneself or another person
homicide the intentioanl killing of one person by another
victim the person attacked
assailant person who attacks another person
risk factors for violence Pigs vomit more while drinking gas
harassment unwanted remarks or actions that cause a person emotional or physical harm
bullying threats or physical force to intimidate and control another person
cyber bulling bullying by e-mail, im, text, web, and twitter
hazing requiring a person to do degrading, risky, or illegal acts in order to join a group
sexual harassment any uninvited and unwelcome sexual remark or sexual advance
hate violence speech or behavior that is aimed at a person or group based on personal characteristics
prejudice negative feelings about a group based on stereotypes
stereotype an exaggerated beleif or overgeneralization about an entire group of people
intolerance a lack of acceptance of another person's opinions, beliefs, or actions
discrimination the unfair treatment of a person or group based on prejudice
vandalism intentionally damaging or destroying another person's property
escalate grow more intense
instigators people who encourage fighting between others while staying out of the fight themselves
mediation a process for resolving conflicts that involves a neutral third party
It is important to identify and treat clinical depression because it may lead a person to abuse drugs
Which of the following statements about clinical depression is NOT true? Depression usually lasts only a few days
Which of the following is a risk factor for depression? A major life change
A person who often makes up stories to explain new scars and always wears long pants and long-sleeved shirts, even in hot weather, may be trying to hide signs of self-injury
Which factor may put a person at risk for suicidal behavior? Feeling like he has no friends
A person who is attacked by another person is called a(n) victim
Children are more apt to use violence if they grow up in violent homes
One of the physical changes that occurs in response to anger is tensed muscles
The main reason for domestic violence and dating violence is one person's desire to have control over another
Which of the following can prevent fights? mediation
The most effective way to stop bullying is to get a teacher involved
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