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206 historic people

test 1

African-American surgical technician who contributed to the Blalock-Taussig procedure- Cyanosis/Blue baby syndrome Vivien Thomas
Presented rules of health to the Jews around 1205 b.c., making him the first advocate of preventive medicine and the First public health officer. Moses
Father of medicine, most famous of the ancient Greek physicians, best remembered for an oath that has been taken by many physicians for more than 2,000 years Hippocrates
162 AD "Prince of Physicians"; medical ethics *practice for the love of medicine, not money* Galen
Belgian Anatomist *"Father of Modern Anatomy" Vesalius
heart acts as a muscular pump Harvey
was the first to observe bacteria and protozoa through a lens; Fabric maker; grinded lenses Leeuwenhoek
Founder of scientific surgery; army surgeon- gunshot wounds/tissue transfer; artificial feeding tube; STDs Hunter
The first histologist- pulmonary & capillary discovery; pioneered the use of a microscope (plants/animals Malpighi
Observed that those who had contracted cowpox never contracted smallpox; treated a dairymaid; vaccination came for the word cow Jenner
Developed the use of percussion Auenbrugger
Developed the stethoscope; treatise- diseases of the chest Laennec
Savior of Mothers; Hand washing; students had to wash hands after contact Semmelweis
Pathfinders in Medicine; scientists who advocated antisepsis Lister and Pasteur
Father of bacteriology; fermentation of wine; silkworm; bacteria is everywhere-contagious diseases; anthrax Pasteur
Reasoned that MOs are the cause of infection; putrefaction; antiseptic (carbolic acid for sterilization) Lister
Bacteriologist who discovered causative agents in diseases; Cholera; failed to find a cure for TB but isolated TB which aided in its use as a diagnostic aid in eradicating it Koch -- Nobel Prize- 1905
Magic bullet/Formula 606 to fight Syphilis; Immunology, chemotherapy, bacteriology; inject chemicals-fight MOs; typhiod fever* Ehrlich -- Nobel Prize- 1908
Known for Phagocytosis/immunology theory Metchnikoff -- shared Nobel Prize w/ Ehrlich- 1908
Ether- anesthetic agent WIlliamson-Long
Nitrous oxide & ether- dental anesthetics Wells & Morton
Discovered radium Marie and Pierre Curry -- Nobel Prize- 1902
X-Rays Roentgen -- Nobel Prize- 1901
In 1881 organized a committee in Washington- the American Red Cross; Philanthropist during Civil War (Bureau of Records); Served as first president of ARC Clara Barton
Became the American leader of the birth control movement; indicted for The Woman Rebel" Magazine Margret Sanger
Wrote about death and dying Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
Two scientists that almost eradicated Polio - created Polio vaccines Salk and Sabin
HIV David Ho, Eve Slater, Don Francis, Anthony Fauci
Surgeon General of US; proponent of tobacco awareness, insisting that advertisements must be less enticing to the public Koop
Medicare Wald
First woman to become a Medical Doctor Elizabeth Blackwell
Spoke of our *ability of discovery and innovation* of medicine; *"If I have seen further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants"* Isaac Newton
*Yellow Fever* (caused by *mosquitos*) Walter Reed
Discovered *penicillin in 1928* Fleming
Known for the procedure to save *blue babies* Taussig-Blalock
*First woman and Hispanic* to be honored with the name of *Surgeon General*; *MADD & UNICEF* transplant fund Novello
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