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davison chapter 6

chapter review 6

self-esteem refers to how much you respect yourself and like yourself
self-actualization the process by which people achieve their full potential
communication process of sharing information, thoughts, and feelings
"I" message a statement that expresses your feelings, but doesn't blame or judge the other person
active listening focusing your full attention on what the other person is saying
passive someone who holds back their true feelings
aggressive someone that uses "you" messages
Assertive someone that uses "I" messages
body language includes posture, gestures, facial expressions, and body movements
cooperation working together toward a common goal
compromise give up something in order to reach agreement "win win"
friendship a relationship based on mutual trust, acceptance, and common interests and goals
clique a narrow group of friends
infatuation feelings of intense attraction to another person
dating violence a pattern of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse
date rape rape occurs during a date
Which of the following behaviors is most typical of people with high self-esteem? bouncing back quickly from setbacks
On average, what happens to self-esteem between childhood and adolescence? It decreases.
Andrew Mitchel and Alex Show have attended church and played softball together for over 10 years. They talk on the phone at least 3 nights a week, sharing their thoughts and feelings with each other. Andrew and Alex are best described as close friends.
A need to conform to the expectations of friends is called peer pressure
Cassie Jenkison has negative feelings toward her friend Emma Crandall, because Emma recently got an expensive new dress that Cassie wishes she could have. Cassie is most likely envy
A teenager who has a "crush", or bieber Fever, on a movie star is feeling infatuation
A pattern of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse that occurs in a dating relationship is called dating violence
During which stage in the cycle of violence does the abuser do things like make promises, buy presents, and act affectionately? calm
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