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page 25 and 47

heredity the passing on of traits, or characteristics and qualities, from parents to their children.
culture ways of thinking, acting, dresssing, and speaking shared by a group.
self-concept a mental picture of yourself
self-esteem a sense of confidence and self-worth
constructive criticism helpful advice
self-actualization means to reach your full potential
adolescence the period of great growth and change between childhood and adulthood
grooming the things you do to care for your physical appearance
hygiene keeping yourself clean
acne a common skin condition that occurs when pores are clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria
dermatologist a doctor who treats skin disorders
cavity an area of decay in a tooth
respect value for something
potential you increase your chances to sucess if you aim for your full potential
durability how long it will last
opinion judgement
enironment no matter what family struture you have healthy familt.
tradition is a custom or belief.
sereotype do not let negative sereotypes keep you from getting to know people and letting them get to know you.
sibling is a brother or a sister
responsible you are dependable and you make wise chices.
divorce is the legal end too marriage.
disablitiy is a permanent or temporary physical,mental,or emotional condition.
reserveator or shy.
enrich or improve,family life include.
adapt or adjust to the change.
advance or ahead of time,perpare for it even if you do not want it to happen.
mondesty is a belief about the proper way to cover the body with clothes.
style is the design of a garment.
fashion is a style of clothing that is populer at a pariticular time.
alteration can be made to change the style and give a fashion.
fad fad clothing is fun to wear.
hues are red, yellow ,blue.
tint a dark value of a hue is called a shade.
shade the brightness or dullness of a is called its intensity.
intensity bright red is a high-intensity color.
monoechromatic outfits so that he will look taller.
compementury means contrastion opposite,such as purpleand yellow,and effect makes happear shorter thansheis.
analogous colors which means he like colors that are next to each other on the weel,like green and yellow.
texure is the feel a apearance of the fabrics surface.
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