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SCH chap. one vocab.

chapter one vocab

Heredity the passing on of traits, or characteristics and qualities, from parents to their children.
Culture ways of thinking, acting, dressing, and speaking shared by a group of people.
Self-concept mental picture of yourself.
Self-esteem a sense of confidence and self-worth.
Contrustive critism helpful advise.
Self-actualization to reach your full potential.
Adolescense the period of growth and change between childhood and adulthood.
Grooming the things you do to care for your personal apperance.
Hygiene keeping yourself clean.
Acne common skin condition that accurs when pores are clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria.
Dermatoligist a doctor who treats skin disorders.
Cavity an area of decay in a tooth.
Respect value for yourself.
Potential you increase your chances for success.
Durability how long it will last.
Opinion judgement.
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