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Health Nutrition rev

Niewoehner Chapter 4 review

MyPyramid recommends a person eat 6 oz. of foods from this group each day. grains
True or False: Be physically active each day. true
True or False: Eat a variety of sweets daily. false
when you choose to eat a food because Justin Beiber advertises it, your choice is being influenced by... media
The ingredients list on a food package tells consumers what about the ingredients? lists what is in the product from most to least
True or False: Eating 6 meals a day is a well-balanced diet. false
True or False: Following the Dietary Guidelines and MyPyramid will help you to eat a well-balanced diet. true
What is the best way to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses? wash your hands before eating or preparing food
What is one way to remove pathogens from raw vegetables? wash them
Taking in about the same amount of calories as you use will lead to... maintaining a healthful weight
Taking in more calories as you use will lead to... being overweight
True or False: Whole grain foods are high in fiber. true
What are the 3 things in your diet that you should limit? sugar, salt, oils
How can you choose foods that are safe when shopping? Don't buy open or dented packages; check expiration dates; don't buy dented don't buy foods that smell bad
What is an alternatives to drinking soda? water, lemonade, V-8 (Splash)
What is a combination food and give an example? A food that includes foods from more than one food group; pizza, hoagie
A person may develop an eating disorder because... he/she cannot cope with a situation
An eating disorder where a person eats too much food all at once is called... binge eating
An eating disorder where a person eats little or no food is called... anorexia nervosa
Created by: kniewoehner