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Enviromental Safety

6th Grade Health Enviromental Safety

What is an accident? An unexpected event that results in damage or harm.
What is an accidental injury? Injuries caused by unexpected events.
What is the accident chain? A sequence of events that often lead to accidental injury.
What are the steps of accident chain in order? The situation The unsafe habit The unsafe act
What are 2 different ways to prevent accidents? Practicing Positive Healthy behaviors Break the accident Chain
What are safe habits to practice? Stay away from risky behaviors Choose not participate in unsafe activities Resist negative peer pressure Know your limits Wear proper protective gear
Home is a place where everyone should feel what? Safe and comfortable.
Homes contain what? Hazzards
Possible sources of harm are called what? Hazzards
The most accidents happen in what room? Kitchen
Why should you turn the handles of pots and pans inward when cooking on the stove? So you dont hit them and burn yourself.
Why should you never use a wet potholder? Wet pot holders allow heat to travel through them and could burn you.
How should food be placed into boiling water? Gently
When lifting a lid off a pan what way should you do so? Lift with the lid opening away from you.
What should you never use to put out a grease fire? Water
What could one do to prevent falls? Keep stairways well light Keep stairways clear of clutter When reaching for items hig up us a sturdy ladder or step stool Never use chairs to stand on Avoid runnon on wet and waxed floors
How many people die each year from electrical causes? 600
How can electricity harm you? Burns Physical injuries Stop breathing Heart Damage
Dont plug a bunch of stuff into one ___________ or _______________ cord. outlet extension
Dont yank a _________ cord from the wall electrical
Why should you make sure cords are tucked away neatly? so animals dont chew on them so no one trips on them
What should you do before playing out doors or climbing a tree? Look up and look out for power lines.
When using matches to start a fire, what should you do before you dispose of them? Make sure that they are out
Fire Extinguisher Device that releases chemicals that smother flames.
Where should smoke alarms be placed in your home? On every level of the home
What is a smoke alarm? A device that makes a warning noise when it senses smoke
What should you do if you hear a smoke alarm? Crawl under smoke touch doors before opening them Never go back into a burning building
What should you know about water safety? know how to: swim well never swim alone never dive in shallow water
What should you do to help prevent drowning? Dont panic Take a deep breath lay on your back
Why is there no such thing as 100% safe ice? You never know where it could be thin
What should you never use to judge the safety of the ice? Age Thickness Apperance Temperature
What should be used to determine the strength of the ice? Depth of the water under ice size of the body of water currents distribution of the load (weight_ on the ice local climate conditions
If you fall through the ice you should not remove what? Winter Clothing
Where should you go to get out of the water if you fall through the ice? The direction in which you came.
What is a severe weather watch? It means you should be aware for the possibility of severe weather.
What doesa severe weather warning mean? issued by the National Weather Service, this means that a tornado, severe thunderstorm, or flash flood has been detected by radar or observed by trained storm spotters
What 3 things should you do to keep safe from a thunderstorm while indoors? Stay off the phone Stay away from windows dont use electronics
What are 4 things you could do to keep safe from thunderstorms when outdoors? Stay low Find shelter in a building Keep away from trees Spread out if in a group
What is a funnel cloud? A rotating column of air produced by a thunderstorm that has not reached the ground.
What is a Tornado? A violently rotating column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground.
What are two important things to have incase a tornado strikes? Disaster plan disaster supplies kit for home and car
What are the first 3 steps to giving first aid? Call 911 Make sure the scene is safe Give care that 911 may advise
What does CPR stand for? Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
What are the ABC's of CPR? A - Awake B - Breathing C - continue care
How long should you continue caring for someone that you are giving CPR? Until paramedics arrive or you are to tired to continue.
Created by: feltont