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CPC 2012 Terminology

Medical Terminology for CPC Certification Exam

ablation removal or destruction by cutting, chemicals, or electrocautery.
abortion termination of pregnancy
absence without
actinotherapy treatment of acne using ultraviolet rays
adenoidectomy removal of adenoids
adipose fatty
adrenals glands, located at the top of the kidneys, that produce steroid hormones
albinism lack of color pigment
allograft homograft, same species graft
alopecia condition in which hair falls out
amniocentesis percutaneous aspiration of amniotic fluid
amniotic sac sac containing the fetus and amniotic fluid
A-mode one-dimensional ultrasonic display reflecting the time it takes a sound wave to reach a structure and reflect back; maps the structure's outline
anastomosis surgical connection of two tubular structures, such as two pieces of the intestine
aneurysm abnormal dilation of vessels, usually an artery
angina sudden pain
angiography radiography of the blood vessels
angioplasty procedure in a vessel to dilate the vessel opening
anhidrosis deficiency of sweat
anomaloscope instrument used to test color vision
anoscopy procedure that uses a scope to examine the anus
antepartum before birth
anterior (ventral) in front of
anterior segment those parts of the eye in the front of and including the lens, orbit, extraocular muscles, and eyelid
anteroposterior from front to back
antigen a substance that produces a specific response
aortography radiographic recording of the aorta
apex cardiography recording the movement of the chest wall over the end of the heart
aphakia absence of the lens of the eye
apicectomy excision of a portion of the temporal bone
apnea cessation of breathing
arthrocentesis injection and/or aspiration of joint
arthrodisis surgical immobilization of joint
arthrography radiography of joint
arthroplasty reshaping or reconstruction of joint
arthroscopy use of scope to view inside joint
arthrotomy incision into a joint
articular pertains to joint
asphyxia lack of oxygen
aspiration use of a needle and a syringe to withdraw fluid
assignment Medicare's payment for the service, which participating physicians agree to accept as payment in full
asthma shortage of breath caused by contraction of the bronchi
astigmatism condition in which the refractive surfaces of the eye are unequal
atelectasis incomplete expansion of lung, collapse
atherectomy removal of plaque by percutaneous method
atrophy wasting away; no development; lack of nourishment
audiometry hearing test
aural atresia congenital absence of the external auditory canal
auscultation listening to sounds within the body
autograft from patient's own body
avulsion ripping or tearing away of part either surgically or accidentally
axillary nodes lymph nodes located in the armpit
bacilli plural of bacillus, a rod-shaped bacterium
barium enemia radiographic contrast medium
beneficiary person who benefits from health or life insurance
bifocal two focuses in eyeglasses, one usually for close work and the other for improvement of distance vision
bilaminate skin skin substitute usually made of silicone-covered nylon mesh
bilateral occurring on two sides
biliary refers to gallbladder,bile, or bile duct
bilobectomy surgical removal of two lobes of a lung
biofeedback process of giving a person self-information
biometry application of a statistical measure to a biologic fact
biopsy removal of a small piece of living tissue for diagnostic purposes
block frozen piece of a sample
bracytherapy therapy using radioactive sources that are placed inside the body
bronchiole smaller division of bronchial tree
bronchography radiographic recording of the lungs
bronchoplasty surgical repair of the bronchi
bronchoscopy inspection of the bronchial tree using a bronchoscope
B-scan two-dimensional display of tissues and organs
bulbocavernosus muscle that constricts the vagina in a female and the urethra in a male
bulbourethral gland with duct leading to the urethra
bundle of His muscular cardiac fibers that provide the heart rhythm to the ventricles; blockage of this rhythm produces heart block
bundled codes one code that represents a package of services
bunion halux valgus, abnormal increase in size of metatarsal head that results in displacement of the great toe
burr drill used to create an entry into the cranium
bursa fluid-filled sac that absorbs friction
bursitis inflammation of bursa (joint sac)
bypass to go around
calcaneal pertaining to the heel bone
calculus concretion of mineral salts, also called a stone
calycoplasty surgical reconstruction of a recess of the renal pelvis
calyx recess of the renal pelvis
cancellous lattice-type structure, usually of bone
cardiopulmonary refers to the heart and lungs
cardiopulmonary bypass blood bypasses the heart through a heart-lung machine
cardiversion electrical shock to the heart to restore normal rhythm
cardioverter-defibrillator surgically placed device that directs an electrical shock to the heart to restore rhythm
carotid body located on each side of the common carotid artery, often a site of tumor
cartilage connective tissue
cataract opaque covering on or in the lens
catheter tube placed into the body to put fluid in or take fluid out
caudal same as inferior; away from the head, or the lower part of the body; tail
causalgia burning pain
cauterization destruction of tissue by the use of cautery
cauterization destruction of tissue by the use of cautery
cavernosa connection between the cavity of the penis and a vein
cavernosography radiographic recording of a cavity, e.g., the pulmonary cavity or the main part of the penis
cavernosometry measurement of the pressure in a cavity, e.g., the penis
central nervous system brain and spinal cord
cervical pertaining to the neck or to the cervix of the uterus
cervix uteri rounded, cone-shaped neck of the uterus
cesarean surgical opening through abdominal wall for delivery
cholangiography radiographic recording of the bile ducts
cholangiopancreatography ERCP, radiographic recording of the biliary system or pancreas
cholecystectomy surgical removal of the gallbladder
cholecystoenterostomy creation of a connection between the gallbladder and intestine
cholecystography radiographic recording of the bile duct
cholesteatoma tumor that forms in middle ear
chondral referring to the cartilage
chordee condition resulting in the penis being bent downward
chorionic villus sampling CVS, biopsy of the outermost part of the placenta
circumflex a coronary artery that circles the heart
Cloquet's node also called a gland; it is the highest of the deep groin lymph nodes
closed fracture repair not surgically opened with/without manipulation and with/without traction
closed treatment fracture site that is not surgically opened and visualized
coccyx caudal extremity of vertebral column
collagen protein substance of skin
Colles' fracture fracture at lower end of radius that displaces the bone posteriorly
colonoscopy fiberscopic examination of the entire colon that may include part of the terminal ilium
colostomy artificial opening between the colon and the abdominal wall
component part
computed axial tomography CAT or CT, procedure by which selected planes of tissue are pinpointed through computer enhancement, and images may be reconstructed by analysis of variance in absorption of the tissue
conjunctiva the lining of the eyelids and the covering of the sclera
contraction drawn together
contralateral opposite side
cordectomy surgical removal of the vocal cord(s)
cordocentesis procedure to obtain a fetal blood sample; also called a percutaneous umbilical blood sampling
corneosclera cornea and sclera of the eye
corpectomy removal of vertebrae
corpora cavernosa the two cavities of the penis
corpus uteri uterus
crackles abnormal sounds when breathing (heard on auscultation)
craniectomy permanent, partial removal of skull
craniotomy opening of the skull
cranium that part of the skeleton that encloses the brain
curettage scraping of a cavity using a spoon-shaped instrument
curette spoon-shaped instrument used to scrape a cavity
cutdown incision into a vessel for placement of a catheter
cyanosis bluish discoloration
cystocele herniation of the bladder into the vagina
cystography radiographic recording of the urinary bladder
cystolithectomy removal of a calculus (stone) from the urinary bladder
cystolithotomy cystolithectomy
cystometrogram CMG, measurement of the pressures and capacity of the urinary bladder
cystoplasty surgical reconstruction of the bladder
cystorrhaphy suture of the bladder
cystoscopy use of a scope to view the bladder
cystostomy surgical creation of an opening into the bladder
cystotomy incision into the bladder
cystourethroplasty surgical reconstruction of the bladder and urethra
cystourethroscopy use of a scope to view the bladder and urethra
dacryocystography radiographic recording of the lacrimal sac or tear duct sac
dacryostenosis narrowing of the lacrimal duct
debridement cleansing of or removal of dead tissue from a wound
deductible amount the patient is liable for before the payer begins to pay for covered services
delayed flap pedicle of skin with blood supply that is separated from origin over time
delivery childbirth
dermabrasion planing of the skin by means of sander, brush, or sandpaper
dermatologist physician who treats conditions of the skin
dermatoplasty surgical repair of skin
dialysis filtration of blood
dilation expansion
discectomy removal of a vertebral disc
discography radiographic recording of an intervertebral joint
dislocation placement in a location other than the original location
distal farther from the point of attachment or origin
diverticulum protrusion in the wall of an organ
Doppler ultrasonic measure of blood movement
dosimetry scientific calculation of radiation emitted from various radioactive sources
drainage free flow or withdrawal of fluids from a wound or cavity
duodenography radiographic recording of the duodenum or first part of the small intestine
dysphagia difficulty swallowing
dysphonia speech impairment
dyspnea shortness of breath, difficult breathing
dysuria painful urination
echocardiography radiographic recording of the heart or heart walls or surrounding tissues
echoencephalography ultrasound of the brain
echography ultrasound procedure in which sound waves are bounced off an internal organ and the resulting image is recorded
ectopic pregnancy outside the uterus (i.e., in the fallopian tube)
edema swelling due to abnormal fluid collection in the tissue spaces
elective surgery non-emergency procedure
electrocardiogram ECG, written record of the electrical action of the heart
electrocautery cauterization by means of heated instrument
electrocochleography test to measure the eighth cranial nerve (hearing test)
electrode lead attached to a generator that carries the electrical current from the generator to the atria or ventricles
electroencephalogram EEG, written record of the electrical action of the brain
electromyogram EMG, written record of the electrical activity of the skeletal muscles
electronic claim submission claims prepared and submitted via a computer
electronic signature identification system of a computer
electro-oculogram EOG, written record of the electrical activity of the eye
electrophysiology study of the electrical system of the heart, including the study of arrhythmias
embolectomy removal of blockage (embolism) from vessel
emphysema air accumulated in organ or tissue
encephalography radiographic recording of the subarachnoid space and ventricles of the brain
endarterectomy incision into an artery to remove the inner lining so as to eliminate disease or blockage
endomyocardial pertaining to the inner and middle layers of the heart
endopyelotomy procedure involving the bladder and ureters, including the insertion of a stent into the renal pelvis
endoscopy inspection of body organs or cavities using a lighted scope that may be inserted through an existing opening or through a small incision
enterolysis releasing of adhesions of intestine
enucleation removal of an organ or organs from a body cavity
epicardial over the heart
epidermolysis loosening of the epidermis
epidermomycosis superficial fungal infection
epididymectomy surgical removal of the epididymis
epididymis tube located at the top of the testes that stores sperm
epididymography radiographic recording of the epididymis
epididymovasostomy creation of a new connection between the vas deferens and epididymis
epiglottidectomy excision of the covering of the larynx
episclera connective covering of sclera
epistaxis nose bleed
epithelium surface covering of internal and external organs of the body
erythema redness of skin
escharotomy surgical incision into necrotic (dead) tissue
eventration protrusion of the bowel through an opening in the abdomen
evisceration pulling the viscera outside of the body through an incision
evocative tests that are administered to evoke a predetermined response
exenteration removal of an organ all in one piece
exophthalmos protrusion of the eyeball
exostosis bony growth
exstrophy condition in which an organ is turned inside out
extracorporeal occurring outside of the body
false aneurysm sac of clotted blood that has completely destroyed the vessel and is being contained by the tissue that surrounds the vessel
fasciectomy removal of a band of fibrous tissue
Federal Register Official publication of all "Presidential Documents," "Rules & Regulations," "Proposed Rules," & "Notices"; govt-instituted national changes are published in the Federal Register
fee schedule services and payment allowed for each service
femoral pertaining to the bone from the pelvis to knee
fenestration creation of a new opening in the inner wall of the middle ear
fissure cleft or groove
fistula abnormal opening from one area to another area or to the outside of the body
fluoroscopy procedure for viewing the interior of the body using X-rays and projecting the image onto a television screen
fracture break in a bone
free full-thickness graft graft of epidermis and dermis that is completely removed from donor area
fulguration use of electrical current to destroy tissue
fundoplasty repair of the bottom of the bladder
furuncle nodule in the skin caused by Staphylococcus entering through hair follicle
ganglion knot
gastrointestinal pertaining to the stomach and intestine
gastroplasty operation on the stomach for repair or reconfiguration
gastrostomy artificial opening between the stomach and the abdominal wall
gatekeeper a physician who manages a patient's access to health care
glaucoma eye diseases that are characterized by an increase of intraocular pressure
globe eyeball
glottis true vocal cords
gonioscopy use of a scope to examine the angles of the eye
Group Practice Model an organization of physicians who contract with a Health Maintenance Organization to provide services to the enrollees of the HMO
grouper computer used to input the principal diagnosis and other critical information about a patient and then provide the correct DRG code
Health Maintenance Organization HMO, a healthcare delivery system in which an enrollee is assigned a primary care physician who manages all the healthcare needs of the enrollee.
hematoma mass of blood that forms outside the vessel
hemodialysis cleansing of the blood outside of the body
hemolysis breakdown of red blood cells
hemoptysis bloody sputum
hepatography radiographic recording of the liver
hernia organ or tissue protruding through the wall or cavity that usually contains it
histology study of structure of tissue and cells
homograft allograft, same species graft
hormone chemical substance produced by the body's endocrine glands
hydrocele sac of fluid
hyperopia farsightedness, eyeball is too short from front to back
hypogastric lowest middle abdominal area
hyposensitization decreased sensitivity
hypothermia low body temperature; sometimes induced during surgical procedures
hypoxemia low level of oxygen in the blood
hypoxia low level of oxygen in the tissue
hysterectomy surgical removal of the uterus
hysterorrhaphy suturing of the uterus
hysterosalpingography radiographic recording of the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes
hysteroscopy visualization of the canal and cavity of the uterus using a scope placed through the vagina
ichthyosis skin disorder characterized by scalingt
ileostomy artificial opening between the ileum and the abdominal wall
ilium portion of hip
imbrication overlapping
immunotherapy therapy to increase immunity
incarcerated regarding hernias, a constricted, irreducible hernia that may cause obstruction of an intestine
incise to cut into
Individual Practice Association IPA, an organization of physicians who provide services for a set fee; Health Maintenance Organizations often contract with the IPA for services to their enrollees
inferior away from the head or the lower part of the body; also known as caudalingual
inguinofemoral referring to the groin and thigh
inofemoral referring to the groin and thigh
internal/external fixation application of pins, wires, and/or screws placed externally or internally to immobilize a body part
intracardiac inside the heart
intramural within the organ wall
intramuscular into a muscle
intrauterine inside the uterus
intravenous into a vein
intravenous pyelography IVP, radiographic recording of the urinary system
introitus opening or entrance to the vagina from the uterus
intubation insertion of a tube
intussusception slipping of one part of the intestine into another part
invasive entering the body, breaking skin
iontophoresis introduction of ions into the body
ischemia deficient blood supply due to obstruction of the circulatory system
island pedicle flap contains a single artery and vein that remains attached to origin temporarily or permanently
isthmus connection of two regions or structures
isthmus, thyroid tissue connection between right and left thyroid lobes
isthmusectomy surgical removal of the isthmus
jejunostomy artificial opening between the jejunum and the abdominal wall
jugular nodes lymph nodes located next to the large vein in the neck
keratomalacia softening of the cornea associated with a deficiency of vitamin A
keratoplasty surgical repair of the cornea
Kock pouch surgical creation of a urinary bladder from a segment of the ileum
kyphosis humpback
labyrinth inner connecting cavities, such as the internal ear
labyrinthitis inner ear inflammation
lacrimal related to tears
lamina flat plate
laminectomy surgical excision of the lamina
laparoscopy exploration of the abdomen and pelvic cavities using a scope placed through a small incision in the abdominal wall
laryngeal web congenital abnormality of connective tissue between the vocal cords
laryngectomy surgical removal of the larynx
laryngography radiographic recording of the larynx
laryngoplasty surgical repair of the larynx
laryngoscope fiberoptic scope used to view the inside of the larynx
laryngoscopy direct visualization and examination of the interior of larynx with a laryngoscope
laryngotomy incision into the larynx
lateral away from the mid-line of the body (to the side)
lavage washing out
leukoderma depigmentation of skin
leukoplakia white patch on mucous membrane
ligament fibrous band of tissue that connects cartilage or bone
ligation binding or typing off, as in constricting the blood flow of a vessel or binding fallopian tubes for sterilization
lipocyte fat cell
lipoma fatty tumor
lithotomy incision into an organ or a duct for the purpose of removing a stone
lithotripsy crushing of a stone by sound waves or force
lobectomy surgical excision of lobe of the lung
lordosis anterior curve of the spine
lumbodynia pain in the lumbar area
lunate one of the wrist (carpal) bones
lymph node station along the lymphatic system
lymphadenectomy excision of a lymph node or nodes
lymphadenitis inflammation of a lymph node
lymphangiography radiographic recording of the lymphatic vessels and nodes
lymphangiotomy incision into a lymphatic vessel
lysis releasing, loosening, breaking down, freeing from adhesions, separation
magnetic resonance imaging MRI, procedure that uses non-ionizing radiation to view the body in a cross-sectional view
Major Diagnostic Categories MDC, the division of all principal diagnoses into 25 mutually exclusive principal diagnosis areas within the DRG system
mammography radiographic recording of the breasts
Managed Care Organization MCO, a group that is responsible for the health care services offered to an enrolled group of persons
manipulation movement by hand
manipulation or reduction alignment of a fracture or joint dislocation to its normal position
mastoidectomy removal of the mastoid bone
Maximum Actual Allowable Charge MAAC, limitation on the total amount that can be charged by physicians who are not participants in Medicare
meatotomy surgical enlargement of the opening of the urinary meatus
medial toward the mid-line of the body
Medical Volume Performance Standards MVPS, government's estimate of how much growth is appropriate for nationwide physician expenditures paid by the Part B Medicare program
Medicare Economic Index MEI, government mandated index that ties increases in the Medicare prevailing charges to economic indicators
Medicare Fee Schedule MFS, schedule that listed the allowable charges for Medicare services; was replaced by the Medicare reasonable charge payment system
Medicare Risk HMO a Medicare-funded alternative to the standard Medicare supplemental coverage
melanin dark pigment of skin
melanoma tumor of epidermis, malignant and black in color
Meniere's disease condition that causes dizziness, ringing in the ears, and deafness
M-mode one-dimensional display of movement of structures
modality treatment method
Mohs surgery or Mohs micrographic surgery removal of skin cancer in layers by a surgeon who also acts as pathologist during surgery
monofocal eyeglasses with one vision correction
multipara more than one pregnancy
muscle organ of contraction for movement
muscle flap transfer of muscle from origin to recipient site
myasthenia gravis syndrome characterized by muscle weakness
myelography radiographic recording of the subarachnoid space of the spine
myopia nearsightedness, eyeball too long from front to back
myringotomy incision into tympanic membrane
nasal button synthetic circular disk used to cover a hole in the nasal septum
nasopharyngoscopy use of a scope to visualize the nose and pharynx
National Provider Identifier NPI, a 10-digit number assigned to a physician by Medicare
nephrectomy, paraperitoneal kidney transplant
nephrocutaneous fistula a channel from the kidney to the skin
nephrolithotomy removal of a kidney stone through an incision made into the kidney
nephrorrhaphy suturing of the kidney
nephrostolithotomy creation of an artificial channel to the kidney
nephrostolithotomy, percutaneous procedure to establish an artificial channel between the skin and the kidney
nephrostomy creation of a channel into the renal pelvis of the kidney
nephrostomy, percutaneous creation of a channel from the skin to the renal pelvis
nephrotomy incision into the kidney
neurovascular flap contains artery, vein, and nerve
noninvasive not entering the body, not breaking skin
nuclear cardiology diagnostic specialty that uses radiologic procedures to aid in diagnosis of cardiologic conditions
nystagmus rapid involuntary eye movements
ocular adnexa orbit, extraocular muscles, and eyelid
olecranon elbow bone
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989 OBRA, act that established new rules for Medicare reimbursement
oophorectomy surgical removal of the ovary(ies)
opacification area that has become opaque (milky)
open fracture repair surgical opening (incision) over or remote opening as access to a fracture site
open treatment fracture site that is surgically opened and visualized
ophthalmodynamometry test of the blood pressure of the eye
ophthalmology body of knowledge regarding the eyes
ophthalmoscopy examination of the interior of the eye by means of a scope, also known as funduscopy
optokinetic movement of the eyes to objects moving in the visual field
orchiectomy castration, removal of the testes
orchiopexy surgical procedure to release undescended testes and fixate them within the scrotum
order shows subordination of one thing to another; family or class
orthopnea difficulty in breathing, needing to be in erect position to breathe
orthoptic corrective; in the correct place
osteoarthritis degenerative condition of articular cartilage
osteoclast absorbs or removes bone
osteotomy cutting into bone
otitis media noninfectious inflammation of the middle ear; serous otitis media produces liquid drainage (not purulent) and suppurative otitis media produces purulent (pus) matter
otoscope instrument used to examine the internal and external ear
oviduct fallopian tube
papilledema swelling of the optic disc (papilla)
paraesophageal hiatus hernia hernia that is near the esophagus
parathyroid produces a hormone to mobilize calcium from the bones to the blood
paronychia infection around nail
Part A Medicare's Hospital Insurance; covers hospital/facility care
Part B Medicare's Supplemental Medicare Insurance; covers physician services and durable medical equipment that are not paid for under Part A
participating provider program Medicare providers who have agreedin advance to accept assignment on all Medicare claims, now termed Quality Improvement Organizations (QI0)
patella knee cap
pedicle growth attached with a stem
Peer Review Organizations PROs, groups established to review hospital admission and care
pelviolithotomy pyeloplasty
penoscrotal referring to the penis and scrotum
percussion tapping with sharp blows as a diagnostic technique
percutaneous through the skin
percutaneous fracture repair repair of a fracture by means of pins and wires inserted through the fracture site
percutaneous skeletal fixation considered neither open nor closed; the fracture is not visualized, but fixation is placed across the fracture site under x-ray imaging
pericardiocentesis procedure in which a surgeon withdraws fluid from the pericardial space by means of a needle inserted percutaneously
pericardium membranous sac enclosing heart and ends of great vessels
perineum area between the vulva and anus; also known as the pelvic floor
peripheral nerves 12 pairs of cranial nerves,31 pairs of spinal nerves, and autonomic nervous system; connects peripheral receptors to the brain and spinal cord
peritoneal within the lining of the abdominal cavity
peritoneoscopy visualization of the abdomoinal cavity using one scope placed through a small incision in the abdominal wall and another scope placed in the vagina
pharyngolaryngectomy surgical removal of the pharynx and larynx
phlebotomy cutting into a vein
phonocardiogram recording of heart sounds
photochemotherapy treatment by means of drugs that react to ultraviolet radiation or sunlight
physics scientific study of energy
pilosebaceous pertains to hair follicles and sebaceous glands
placenta a structure that connects the fetus and mother during pregnancy
plethysmography determining the changes in volume of an organ part or body
pleura covers the lungs and lines the thoracic cavity
pleurectomy surgical excision of the pleura
pleuritis inflammation of the pleura
pneumonocentesis surgical puncturing of a lung to withdraw fluid
pneumonolysis surgical separation of the lung from the chest wall to allow the lung to collapse
pneumonostomy surgical procedure in which the chest cavity is exposed and the lung is incised
pneumonotomy incision of the lung
pneumoplethysmography determining the changes in the volume of the lung
posterior (dorsal) in back of
posterior segment those parts of the eye behind the lens
posteroanterior from back to front
postpartum after childbirth
Preferred Provider Organization PPO, a group of providers who form a network and who have agreed to provide services to enrollees at a discounted rate
priapism painful condition in which the penis is constantly erect
primary care physician PCP, physician who oversees a patient's care within a managed care organization
primary diagnosis chief complaint of a patient in outpatient setting
primipara first pregnancy
prior approval also known as a prior authorization, the payer's approval of care
proctosigmoidoscopy fiberscopic examination of the sigmoid colon and rectum
Professional Standards Review Organization PSRO, voluntary physicians' organization designed to monitor the necessity of hospital admissions, treatment costs, and medical records of hospitals
prognosis probable outcome of an illness
prostatotomy incision into the prostate
Provider Identification Number PIN, assigned to physicians by payers for use in claims submission
pyelography radiographic recording of the kidneys, renal pelvis, ureters, and bladder
qualitative measuring the presence or absence of
Quality Improvement Organizations QIO, consists of a national network of 53 entities
quantitative measuring the presence or absence of and the amount of
rad radiation-absorbed dose, the energy deposited in patient's tissues
radiation oncology branch of medicine concerned with the application of radiation to a tumor site for treatment (destruction) of cancerous tumors
radiograph film on which an image is produced through exposure to x-radiation
radiologist physician who specializes in the use of radioactive materials in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and illness
radiology branch of medicine concerned with the use of radioactive substances for diagnosis and therapy
rales coarse sounds on inspiration, also known as crackles (heard on auscultation)
real time two-dimensional display of both the structures and the motion of tissues and organs, with the length of time also recorded as part of the study
reduction replacement to normal position
Relative Value Unit RVU, unit value that has been assigned for each service
Resource-Based Relative Value Scale RBRVS, scale designed to decrease Medicare expenditures, redistribute physician payment, and ensure quality health care at reasonable rates.
resource intensity refers to the relative volume and type of diagnostic, therapeutic, and bed services used in the management of a particular illness
retrograde moving backward or against the usual direction of flow
rhinoplasty surgical repair of nose
rhinorrhea nasal mucous discharge
salpingectomy surgical removal of the uterine tube
salpingostomy creation of a fistula into the uterine tube
scan mapping of emissions of radioactive substances after they have been introduced into the body; the density can determine normal or abnormal conditions
sclera outer covering of the eye
scoliosis lateral curve of the spin
sebaceous gland secretes sebum
seborrhea excess sebum secretion
sebum oily substance
section slice of a frozen block
segmentectomy surgical removal of a portion of a lung
septoplasty surgical repair of the nasal septum
serum blood from which the fibrinogen has been removed
severity of illness refers to the levels of loss of function and mortality that may be experienced by patients with a particular disease
shunt an artificial passage
sialography radiographic recording of the salivary gland or duct
sialolithotomy surgical removal of a stone of the salivary gland or duct
sinography radiographic recording of the sinus or sinus tract
sinusotomomy surgical incision into a sinus
skeletal traction application of pressure to the bone by means of pins and/or wires inserted into the bone
skin traction application of pressure to the bone by means of tape applied to the skin
skull entire skeletal framework of the head
somatic nerve sensory or motor nerve
specimen sample of tissue or fluid
spirometry measurement of breathing capacity
splenectomy excision of the spleen
splenography radiographic recording of the spleen
splenoportography radiographic procedure to allow visualization of the splenic and portal veins of the spleen
split-thickness graft all epidermis and some of dermis
spondylitis inflammation of vertebrae
Staff Model a Health Maintenance Organization that directly employs the physicians who provide services to enrollees
steatoma fat mass in sebaceous gland
stem cell immature blood cell
stereotaxis method of identifying a specific area or point in the brain
strabismus extraocular muscle deviation resulting in unequal visual axes
stratified layered
stratum (strata) layer
subcutaneous tissue below the dermis, primarily fat cells that insulate the body
subluxation partial dislocation
subungual beneath the nail
superior toward the head or the upper part of the body; also known as cephalic
supination supine position
supine lying on the back
Swan-Ganz catheter a catheter that measures pressure in the heart
sympathetic nerve part of the peripheral nervous system that controls automatic body function and sympathetic nerves activated under stress
symphysis natural junction
synchondrosis union between two bones (connected by cartilage)
tachypnea quick, shallow breathing
tarsorrhaphy suturing together of the eyelids
Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act TEFRA, act that contains language to reward cost-conscious healthcare providers
tendon attaches a muscle to a bone
tenodesis suturing of a tendon to a bone
tenorrhaphy suture repair of tendon
thermogram written record of temperature variation
third-party payer insurance company or entity that is liable for another's healthcare services
thoracentesis surgical puncture of the thoracic cavity, usually using a needle, to remove fluids
thoracic duct collection and distribution point for lymph, and the largest lymph vessel located in the chest
thoracoplasty surgical procedure that removes rib(s) and thereby allows the collapse of a lung
thoracoscopy use of a lighted endoscope to view the pleural spaces and thoracic cavity or to perform surgical procedures
thoracostomy incision into the chest wall and insertion of a chest tube
thoracotomy surgical incision into the chest wall
thromboendarterectomy procedure to remove plaque or clot formations from a vessel by percutaneous method
thymectomy surgical removal of the thymus
thymus gland that produces hormones important to the immune response
thyroidectomy surgical removal of the thyroid
tinnitus ringing in the ears
titer measure of a laboratory analysis
tocolysis repression of uterine contractions
tomography procedure that allows viewing of a single plane of the body by blurring out all but that particular level
tonography recording of changes in intraocular pressure in response to sustained pressure on the eyeball
tonometry measurement of pressure or tension
total pneumonectomy surgical removal of an entire ling
tracheostomy incision into the trachea
traction application of pressure to maintain normal alignment
transcutaneous entering by way of the skin
transesophageal echocardiogram TEE, echocardiogram performed by placing a probe down the esophagus and sending out sound waves to obtain images of the heart and its movement
transmastoid creates an opening in the mastoid for drainage antrostomy
transplantation grafting of tissue from one source to another
transseptal through the septum
transtracheal across the trachea
transureteroureterostomy surgical connection of one ureter to the other ureter
transurethral resection, prostate procedure performed through the urethra by means of a cystoscopy to remove part or all of the prostate
transvenous through a vein
transvesical ureterolithotomy removal of a ureter stone (calculus) through the bladder
trephination surgical removal of a disc of bone
trocar needle needle with a tube on the end; used to puncture and withdraw fluid from a cavity
tubercle lesion caused by infection of tuberculosis
tumescence state of being swollen
tunica vaginalis covering of the testes
tympanolysis freeing of adhesions of the tympanic membrane
tympanometry test of the inner ear using air pressure
tympanostomy insertion of ventilation tube into tympanum
ultrasound technique using sound waves to determine the density of the outline of tissue
unbundling reporting with multiple codes that which can be reported with one code
unilateral occurring on one side
uptake absorption of a radioactive substance by body tissues; recorded for diagnostic purposes in conditions such as thyroid disease
ureterectomy surgical removal of a ureter, either totally or partially
ureterocolon pertaining to the ureter and colon
uterocutaneous fistula channel from the ureter to exterior skin
ureteroenterostomy creation of a connection between the intestine and the ureter
ureterolithotomy removal of a stone from the ureter
ureterolysis freeing of adhesions of the ureter
ureteroneocystostomy surgical connection of the ureter to a new site on the bladder
ureteropyelography ureter and bladder radiography
ureterotomy incision into the ureter
urethrocystography radiography of the bladder and urethra
urethromeatoplasty surgical repair of the urethra and meatus
urethropexy fixation of the urethra by means of surgery
urethroplasty surgical repair of the urethra
urethrorrhaphy suturing of the urethra
urethroscopy use of a scope to view the urethra
urography same as pyelography; radiographic recording of the kidneys, renal pelvis, ureters, and bladder
uveal vascular tissue of the choroid, ciliary body, and iris
varices varicose veins
varicocele swelling of a scrotal vein
vas deferens tube that carries sperm from the epididymis to the urethra
vasectomy removal of segment of vas deferens
vasogram recording of the flow in the vas deferens
vasotomy incision in the vas deferens
vasorrhaphy suturing of the vas deferens
vasovasostomy reversal of a vasectomy
vectorcardiogram VCG, continuous recording of electrical direction and magnitude of the heart
venography radiographic recording of the veins and tributaries
vertebrectomy removal of vertebra
vertigo dizziness
vesicostomy surgical creation of a connection of the viscera of the bladder to the skin
vesicovaginal fistula creation of a tube between the vagina and the bladder
vesiculectomy excision of the seminal vesicles
vesiculography radiographic recording of the seminal vesicles
vesiculotomy incision into the seminal vesicle
viscera an organ in one of the large cavities of the body
volvulus twisted section of the intestine
vomer flat bones of the nasal septum
xanthoma tumor composed of cells containing lipid material,yellow in color
xenograft different species graft
xeroderma dry, discolored, scaly skin
xeroradiography photoelectric process of radiographs
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