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Tobacco & Alcohol

What is Nicotine? A drug that speeds up the heartbeat and affects the central nervous system.
What is Carbon Monoxide? A poisonous, odorless gass produced when tobacco burns.
What is tar? A thick, oily, dark liquid that forms when tobacco burns.
When someone smokes what organ is effected by the tar they inhale? The tar deposits cover the lining of the lungs.
What is emphysema? A disease that occus when the tiny air sacs in the lungs lose their elasticity or ability to stretch.
What is addiction? The body's physical or mental need for a drug or other substance.
What are the four forms that tobacco products may come in? Cigaretes, Cigars, Pipes, Snuff (chewing tobacco)
What is Negative Peer Pressure? Pressure you feel to go along with the harmful behaviors or beliefs of your peers.
What is media? Various Methods of communicating information.
What percent of popular movies and songs glamorized tobacco use? 33%
What is alcohol? A substance produced by a chemical reation in carbohydrates.
What is a drug? A substance that changes the structure or function of the body or mind.
What effects alcohol have on the body? Increases the flow of acid in the stomach Causes ulcers Can cause cirrhosis of the liver Alcohol poisoning Slows reaction time Makes it hard to think and speak clearly
What is cirrhosis? The destruction and scarring of the the liver tissue.
What causes alcohol poisoning? Drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time.
Does everone react to alcohol in the same way? No, different people react to alcohol in different ways.
What is blood alcohol content (BAC)? Measure of the amount of alcohol present in a persons blood.
What are 5 factors the influence how alcohol affects the body? Body Weight Rate of consumption Amount Consumed Amount the person has eaten The presence of other drugs in the persons system.
What is the legal drinking age? 21
The brain continues to develop until what age? 20
What is tolerance? A need for increasing amounts of a substance to acheive the same effect.
What is alcoholism? A disease in which a person has a physical and mental need for alcohol.
What are illegal drugs? Drugs produced purely for their effects?
What are inhalents? Substances whose fumes or vapors are inhaled.
What does inhalents do to the body? Causes hallucinations Damages brain cells
Define marijuana. An illegal drug that comes from the hemp plant
Why is marijuana often viewed as a gateway drug? Because it can lead to other drugs.
What is a stimulant? Drugs that speed up the body's functions
What are the effects of cocaine or crack? Unpredictable and very dangerous.
What are anabolic steroids? Synthetic drugs based on a male hormone.
Other than for making people stronger and faster, what is another use for steroids? Used to treat medical conditions.
What are side effects of anabolic steroids? Violence Depression Problems with reporductive organs liver and brain cancer. Heart Attacks.
What are Narcotics? Strong Drugs that relieve pain.
Are all narcotics illegal No, Some are prescrived by doctors.
What is an example of a narcotic that is illegal? Heroin
Wha are Hallucinognes? Illegal drugs that cause the users brain to create or distort images and to see and hear things that are not real.
What are the effects of hallucinogens? Can lead to strange and violent behaviors Confusion Depresson Brain Damage
What is drug abuse? The use of any drug in a way that is unhealthy or illegal.
What is an overdose? Taking a fatal amount of a drug?
What are the dangers of stimulant drugs? They kill brain cells?
If you are substance free it shows that you have what? Self-Control
What are ways to stay substance free Use refusal skills Make Friends with others who have chosen to be drug free Find positive ways to deal with problems Suggest positive alternatives.
What are alternatives? Other ways of thinking or acting.
Created by: feltont