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HIT 220 Ch. 2

Introduction to Computer Systems for HIT Ch. 1

a format for text and graphics interchange that is used with different output devices, operating environments and operating systems Rich text format
a professional mailing list organized by an association for its members or interested persons Listserv
a general-purpose design tool for projects such as greeting cards, banners, calendars, and other flyers that are of value to business and to the home user Desktop publishing
text linked together in a complex, nonsequential web of associations in which the user can browse through related topics Hypertext
a system structured with broad groupings that can be further subdivided into more narrowly defined groups or detailed entities Hierarchical model
a graphic tool used to plot tasks in project management that shows the duration of project tasks and overlapping tasks Gantt chart
an additional licensure is required between the user and the vendor third-party linceses
grants the organization the right to utilize a vendor's software and defines how the software may be used software lincensure
occurs when unauthorized copying or use of copyrighted software happens outside the terms of the agreement software piracy
what you see is what you get When the markup is not shown WYSIWYG (wizzywig)
text written on a Web site and displayed on the Internet Web page
a standardized computer language that allows the electronic transfer of info and communications among many different information systems Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
a style of computer interface in which typed commands are replaced by images that represent tasks; icons graphical user interface (GUI)
the type of database that allows for the collection of audio, video and other objects object-oriented model
a type of database that stores data in predefined tables made up of rows and columns EHR relational database model
a program that enables users to work with electronic databases to permit data to be stored, modified, and retrieved from the database database management system (DBMS)
within the structure of the database a hierarchy must be used in order for the computer to recognize the database structure. The lowest level (smallest) is the field. The field is 1 attribute field
a data structure in memory that represents information in the form of a collection of bits bitmaps
the file extension that identifies faster graphics stored in bit map file format .bmp
the file extension that identifies bitmap images in Tagged Imaged file format .tif
the file extension that identifies graphic images encoded in the JPEG File Interchange Format .jpg
an application for administrative processes that includes electronic scheduling systems for hospital admissions, inpatient and outpatient procedures, and identifying eligible or potential eligible patients for clinical trials scheduling software
an application used within a management task that helps bring a particular project to its desired outcome project management software
a computer utility that combines 2 or more files into 1 and reduces the size of the file zip
files are restored to the original size by the receiver so the data are recovered in the original state unzipped by the recipient
not involved in the computer at the same time, but at whatever point the other person reads the email message asynchronous
a method or coding software that creates 2 keys, public and private encryption
connect directly to a network or the Internet and are small hairlike fibers covered by silica glass covered by cladding with light pulses that carry the data along wires fiberoptic
the coaxial cable within the television network where a copper wire is used that is shielded by plastic and braided copper cable
a coaxial line, but uses twisted set of wiring comprising 4 pairs of insulated wires to help with noise reduction DSL
the bandwidth is a certain capacity to carry large amounts of data high speed, high capacity Internet and data connections Broadband
offers a connection that can send broadband anywhere satellite
a type of transmission that carries point-to-point digital communication circuits with 25 channels, each of which carries 64,000 bits per second T1 line
sometimes referred to as an Internet provider or IP a computer company system that provides access to the internet or they supply a gateway to the Internet Internet Service Provider (ISP)
unwanted and unsolicited mail that is similar to the junk mail that comes to a person's home mailbox junk e-mail
can be used to send junk mail to the ISP, so that the amount of junk mail can be filtered and decreased spam filter
a PC program that displays information from the internet browser
an address of a network connection that identifies the owner of that address in a hierarchical format server.organization.type domain name
a web site address that will take the web browser directly to the document located on a web page URL Uniform Resource Locator
an identifier for a computer or a device on a TCP/IP network Internet Protocol address (IP)
programs on the internet that search for key words or phrases entered by a user browsing the Internet search engine
a search for data that meets specified criteria to allow you to retrieve certain subsets of the data query
an advanced search feature where the user can specify to add descriptive terms to the search such as and, or and not to the search to help limit the search fields Boolean search
involved on the computer at the same time synchronous
a universal standard for connecting to the Internet that includes a collection of methods used to connect servers on the Internet and to exchange data Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
used within a Web site address immediately before the slashes to signify that it is a plain text listing of a file that is available for downloading from the Web File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
used within a Web site address to signify the Web site as one on the web that uses HTML Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
a private or governmental agency involved in the development of healthcare informatics standards at a national or international level standards development organizations (SDO)
an organization that governs standards in many aspects of public and private business developer of the Health Information Technology Standards Panel American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
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