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Health Unit 7


Def nuerotransmitters chemicals in brain that send messages between brain cells
What do drugs do in the brain? impersonate neurotransmitters or trigger excessive release of them
what is the limbic system part of brain that releases dopamine (neurotransmitter) that causes pleasure
what is tolerance? level where larger amount of drug is needed to just feel normal
what is addiction when brain changes cause person to use drug compulsively
what is nicotine? what are the effects on the body? addictive drug in tobacco, increases heart rate, blood pressure, risk of heart disease
how is carbon monoxide bad for cells? replaces O2 and deprives cells of O2
how is tar harmful to the lungs? damages alveoli, cilia, lung tissue
what is emphysema? what is it caused by? destructive disease where alveoli are destroyed and causes shortness of breath, caused by smoking
compare smokeless tobacco and cigarettes smokeless is more harmful, higher risk of leukoplakia and throat cancers
how does smoking during pregnancy affect fetus? nicotine enters fetus's blood and impairs growth, deformities, premature delivery
define alcohol poisoning and 3 effects on body fatal reaction to too much alcohol where person can choke on own vomit --> mental confusion, irregular heartbeat, hypothermia
define binge drinking drinking 5 or more alcoholic drinks in one sitting
4 long term effects of alcohol use brain damage, liver damage, heart damage, digestive problems
5 short term effects of alcohol use euphoria, nausea, loss of coordination, memory loss, slow reaction time
what effects does alcohol have on the liver? fatty liver = fat builds up and cell can't get O2 cirrhosis = liver tissue replaced with useless scar tissue
define alcoholic addict who is dependent on alcohol
list stages of alcohol and explain each 1) Abuse (drinks often) 2) Dependence (lies about it) 3) Addiction (most important thing in life)
define analgesics and give 3 examples pain relievers (aspirin, morphine, acetaminophen
how do medicines affect the body? prevent disease, relieve pain, fight pathogens
What are psychoactive drugs? what are the 4 main categories? drugs that alter the nervous system; stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, narcotics
What are stimulants? give 2 examples drugs that speed up nervous system ex. cocaine, nicotine
what are depressants? give 2 examples drugs that slow down nervous system ex. alcohol, rohypnol
what are narcotics? give 2 examples prescription drugs that relieve pain ex. morphine, heroin
what are hallucinogens? give 2 examples drugs that alter mood, thoughts, senses ex. LSD, ecstasy
Created by: mhaq.16