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Health Unit 4

Mental Emotion Social Health

Define stress reaction of body/mind to everyday challenges
What are the 5 categories of stressors? Biological, environmental, cognitive, personal behavior, life situations
List the 3 stages of the stress response 1) alarm stage 2) resistance stage 3) fatigue stage
What happens in the alarm stage of the stress response? danger is perceived, pupils dilate, heart rate increases, adrenaline released
What happens in the resistance stage of the stress response? the body adapts to stress and fight, ability to perform at higher level, fight or flight occurs
What happens in the fatigue stage of the stress response? mind and body become exhausted
What is the Phsychomatic response? physical reaction that results from stress instead of illness/injury
What factor of you personality do you have the most control over? Behavior
Define autonomy having confidence to make own, responsible decisions
Define anxiety condition of feeling uneasy or worried about what might happen
Define anxiety disorder condition in which real or imagined fears are difficult to control
define depression prolonged feeling of hopelessness, sadness
Difference between reactive and clinical depression reactive= response to stressful event, clinical = upset hormonal balance + long term
What is a cluster suicide multiple suicides that happen in same time and place
How does chronic hostility physically affect you? increases risk of heart disease
list stages of the Grieving process Hint: DEAB DRAH denial, emotional release, anger, bargaining, depression, remorse, acceptance, hope
Created by: mhaq.16