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Health Unit 3


what is nutrition? process in which body takes in and uses food
What are nutrients? substances in food body needs to repair, grow, function
What are calories? measurement of energy provided by food
What are empty calories cals. from food hi in saturated fat/sugar that is not nutrient dense
what is nutrient dense food? food that provide a lot of nutrients w/ fewer calories
List 6 essential nutrients Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, Water, Minerals
Identify which nutrients provide energy and which don't ENERGY: Carbs, Fats, proteins DONT: vitamins, water, minerals
What is the main job of carbohydrates? how many kcal per gram? main source of energy, 4 kcals per gram
What are the simple, complex forms of carbs? Simple: glucose Complex: Starches, fiber
What is the main job of protein? How many kcal/gram? builds tissue, 4kcal/ gram
What is are 2 differences between complete and incomplete proteins? Complete= has all essential amino acids, comes from animals Incomplete: lacks some amino acids, comes from plants
What is the main job of fats? How many kcals/gram supply energy + transport vitamins, 9 kcal/g
what is the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats? saturated= bad, solid at room temp unsaturated = goof, liquid at room temp
What is the main job of vitamins? regulate basic body processes +helps metabolize other nutrients
What is main role of minerals? forms healthy bones and teeth, regulates body processes
What is the main role of water? transports nutrients and waste + vital to every body process
what is a food borne illness? illness caused by consuming contaminated food/drink
Define eating disorder group of serious mental disorders in which person obsesses over food + weight
What are eating disorders often caused by? What can they lead to? life changes, abuse, depression, stress; dangerous behavior
What is anorexia nervosa? intense fear of food + gaining weight
What is bulimia nervosa? repeated episodes of binge eating followed by purging
What is binge eating disorder? repeated episodes of binge eating not followed by purging
practice reading nutrition Facts
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