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Sociology problems

Chapter two

What is social stratification societies system of ranking categories of people in a hierarchy
what are social classes Categories of people who have similar access to resources and opportunities
What is income Salary or wages from a job plus earnings from investments and other sources
What is wealth The value of all the economic assets owned by a person or family, minus any debts
What is progressive taxation A policy that raises tax rates as income increases but this only lessons income inequality slightly
What is poverty line An income level set by the US government for the purpose of counting the poor
What is poverty gap the difference between the actual income of the typical poor household and the official poverty line which currently is about $5,000
What is feminism of poverty The trend of women making up an increasing share of the poor they now make up 56%
What is underclass Poor people who live in areas with high concentrations of poverty and limited opportunities for schooling or work
What is homelessness The plight of poor people who lack shelter and live primarily on the streets
What are social welfare programs organized efforts by government or private organizations or individuals to assist needy people considered worthy of assistance.
What is culture of poverty cultural patterns that make poverty a way of life
What is meritocracy A system of social inequality in which social standing corresponds to personal abilty and effort
What is social disorganization A breakdown in social order caused by rapid social change
What is blaming the victim mean Finding the cause of a social problem in the behavior of people's chances of success
What is cultural capital skills values attitudes and schooling that increases a persons chances of success
What is intersection theory the investigation of the interplay of race class and gender often resulting in multiple dimensions of disadvantage
What is income What a person earns
What is wealth What you own
how does the government define poverty When families live below the poverty line
What is the poverty line three times the cost of food which is determined by the US in 2007it was $21,203 for a non-farm family
Who is at greatest risk of poverty Children, women head of households, and racial and ethnic minorities
What is child poverty rate currently 18% which is high
What aspects of life does being poor affect * endure more illness * receive less schooling * experience more unemployment and crime * are more likely to live in inadequate housing or to homeless
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