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health les.2 DMS7

health lesson 2 chapter 12 DMS scua 7th grade

one of the things that make your body change during puberty. Chemical substances produced in certain glands that help regulate your body function hormones
the system glands throughout the body that regulate body functions endocrine system
they can fall into a coma, if your high, you feel exhausted and if your low you feel dizzy symptoms for type one diabetes
feel tired a lot, feel sick to your stomach, and often have injections and wounds that do not heal symptoms for type two diabetes
may feel tired, cold, have dry skin, gain extra weight and delay growth in teans symptoms for Hypothyroidism
sweaty, weight loss, excessive eating, tremors, muscle weakness symptoms of hyperthyroidism
from germ-fighting cells in the body that attack the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin, and too much sugar in the blood the cause of type one diabetes
Inject themselves with insulin Type on diabetes treatment
They produce a normal amount of insulin, but their body can't use it properly type 2 diabetes cause
they control their diet and do physical activities. They sometimes needs medication type 2 diabetes treatment
the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones to regulate metabolism Hypothyroidism's cause
thyroid treatment hormone treatment for hypothyroidism
the thyroid products to many hormones, which leads to a very high metabolism the cause of hyperthyroidism
medication the treatment of hyperthyroidism
help respond to stress and danger adrenal glands
producing hormones, sex cells ovaries
glands that regulate body functions endocrine system
helps you break down sugars, gives you energy from food metabolism
regulates blood-sugar levels pancreas
male sex cell Testosterone
body uses energy thyroid gland
growth hormone pituitary gland
type 1 diabetes insulin, born with it
not eating right or exercising type 2
regulate calcium levels in blood parathyroid glands
the hormones are a big part of your _____________ system endocrine
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