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Sociology problems

Chapter one

What is sociology? the systematic study of human society
Who coined the phrase "social imagination" C Wright Mills
What is definition of social problem? a condition that undermines the well being of some or all members of a society and is usually controversial
Do social problems change? yes the specific conditions do change because at any particular time the objective facts and subjective perception of any social issue may or may not be the same
Claims making the process by which members of of a social movement try to convince the public and public officials that a condition should be defined as social problem
What are the four stages social movement goes through? *emergence * coalescence * formalization * decline
How do sociologists view social problems The result of the operation of society rather than simply the actions of bad people
Why is the global perspective important many social problems cross national boundaries also many problems are more serious elsewhere than in United States
What are Theoretical approaches? Sociologists use this to guide to guide research and theory building
What are the major theoretical approaches Structural~functional Social~conflict Symbolic~interaction and all provide insights into various social problems
What is structural~functional approach? it sees society as a complex system of many different parts.
What is the social~conflict approach? highlights social inequality
What is symbolic~interaction approach? helps us understand how people experience social problems in their routine everyday interactions
What is sociological imagination? a point of view that highlights how society affects the experiences we have and the choices we make
What is sociology? the systematic study of human societies
What is culture? a way of life including widespread values (about what is good or bad) beliefs( about what is true) and behavior (what people do everyday)
What is social problems? a condition that undermines the well being of some or all members of a society and is usually a matter of public controversy.
What is social~constructionist approach? the assertion that social problems arise as people define conditions as undesirable and in need of change
What is claims making? the process of convincing the public and important public officials that a particular issue or situation should be defined as a social problem
What is social movement? an organized effort at claims making that tries to shape the way people think about an issue in order to encourage or discourage change
What is a theory? a statement of how and why specific facts are related?
What is theoretical approach? a basic image of society that guides theory and research
What is structural functional approach a theoretical framework that sees society as a system of many interrelated parts
What is social institution? a major sphere of social life or a societal subsystem organized to meet a basic human need
What is social~ conflict approach? a theoretical framework that sees society as divided by inequality and conflict.
What is feminism? a political movement that seeks the social equality of women and men
What is symbolic~interaction approach a theoretical framework that sees society as the product of individuals interacting with one another
What is survey? a research method by which subjects responds to items on a questionnaire or in a interview
field research(participant observation) a research method for observing people while joining them in their everyday activities
What is a experiment? a research method for investigative cause-and-effect relationships under tightly controlled conditions
What is social policy? formal strategies that affect how society operates.
What is political spectrum? a continuum representing a range of political attitudes from "left" to "right"
What is social issues? Political debates involving moral judgments about how people should live.
What are economic issues? Political debates about how society should distribute material resources
What methods do sociologists use to investigate social problems? Survey research Field research Experimental research Secondary analysis of existing data
What are radical left? Marxists claim that social problems result from the operation of the capitalist economic system.
What are liberals? they claim that social problems arise from the operation of society including patterns of social inequality that prevents categories of people from having equal oppurtunity
What are conservatives? They claim that social problems arise from the short comings of particular individuals or the bad choices people make about how to live.
What are radical right? claims that the most serious problem our society faces is the growth of big government which threatens individual freedoms
Status quo~ the situation as it is
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