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health ch12 les.1

Health chapter 12, lesson 1, DMS, 7, Scau

adolescence the stage of life between childhood and adulthood
puberty the time when you develop physical characteristics of adults of your own gender
Mental growth When you begin to make your own decisions and your social issues and politics change. You also realize that people map see from different points of view than your own
emotional growth start to feel different about your peers, parents, other adults and less connected to your friends and parents. may start to feel attracted to someone, this is how adults start relationships
expressing emotions healthy way of expressing your feelings, your can write in a journal, draw, play music, think about them while they are exercising, you can also talk to a friend, sibling, your parents, a councilor, or another trusted adult
social growth can help you develop as friendships, find a job, and get emotional support. These connections also shape your values and help you discover who you are. friends also influence the choices you make
the stage of life between childhood and adulthood is ______________ adolescence
______________ is the time when a person develops the physical characteristics of his or her gender puberty
average age for puberty 8-19 years old
physical growth during puberty, male's and female's bodies begin to change. These changes are a normal part of becoming a healthy adult. the changing of your body that can happen at any time, it is different for everyone, they can happen at different times & last longer
what happens during adolescence? as teens your body will continue to grow and change, and so will your interests. You experience many physical, mental, emotional, and social changes. These prepare you to be an adult.
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