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lesson 4

what is our greatest muscle? the heart.
what are the main arteries for the heart? aorta, and pulmonary arterie.
what does the pulmanary arterie do for the heart? it pumps oxygen poor blood to the lungs to pick up oxygen.
what does the aorta do for the heart? pumps oxygen rich blood to the organs in the body.
what is Angina Pectoris? chest pain caused by heart not getting enpugh oxygen.
what is a cause of chest pain and cardiac distress? clogged arteries.
what is the medical term for clogged ateries? atherosclerosis.
what is another reason for anigina pectoris? blood clot.
what is a blood clot? when plaque bulids up in an arterie,it may tear at times and the blood pallettes will stick to it,causing a blood clot in the artery.
what are some reason's you can cause heart damage to your self? smoking,drug abuse,and assesive drinking.
what is myocardial ischmia? when parts of the hearts tissue dies.
what happens in angioplasty? a thin wire with a balloon wrapped around it is inserted into the artery that is clogged.
what happens in bypass? an damaged artery can be replaced with one in a diffrent one in another part of the body.
what are the symptons of a heartattack? -chest pain that last longer then 5 minutes. -pain in the shoulders,arms,neck and or haw. -nausea. -sweating. -dizzyness. -trouble breathing. -pressure in the chest.
what do you do if you see somone incounter the symptoms of a heartattack? -have them stop what there doing. -call 9-1-1. keep them calm. -give them asprin(only if they can swallow and arent allergic).
what are the four steps for the Cardiac Survival Chain? 1)early reconiztion and access. 2)early CPR. 3)early diffribulation. 4)early advanced medical care.
what are the bottom chambers of the heart called? right and left ventricle.
Created by: EanesBM