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Heroin Facts

Facts about the harmful affects of heroin

What is the jail time and the fine for a first time user of heroin? The max jail time is 1 year and there is a 5,ooo fine.
What are some of the social effects of users of heroin? Heroin addicts often lose friends and lose many connections between family also.
Who were some famous people that used heroin? Ben Franklin, Robert Clowney Jr., Elvis Presley, James Taylor
What is the average cost of heroin? Heroin is about $200 per gram.
What are some effects heroin has on the pregnancy of a woman? The blood level of the baby can be 50-100% of the mothers drug level. Poor fetal growth, premature delivery, risk of HIV, and birth defects.
What are the affects heroin has on the teenage brain? Heroin has a significant effect on the central nervous system. Causes rapid brain cell decay, and the person seems like an elderly person with alzheimers. The brain may not function properly without the drug after teen is addicted.
How is heroin taken and abused? Heroin is injected, sniffed/snorted, or smoked.
What are the immediate effects of heroin? Abusers get an almost instant rush. This is usually followed by flushing skin, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, and severe itching. The user will also become very drowsy after a few hours.
Can a heroin abuser build up a tolerance for heroin? Yes, people will need to take more and more to get their rush, although dependence takes awhile to get. Withdraw symptoms include restless, yawning, cramps, cravings, and crying.
Where are some Wisconsin recovery sources? Green Bay (920)405-9959, Eau Claire (414)282-8001, Madison (608)257-2888, Milwaukee (414)298-9919, and Racine (262)672-2000.
Any interesting facts about heroin? Heroin is a derivative of the German word Heroisch which means heroic, because heroin abusers have a lot of courage. ODing on heroin causes more deaths than traffic accidents.
What are some interesting statistics? Heroin abuse is at an all time high, and so are the deaths. Although teen use of heroin is on the decline adults seem to be using more and more. Also heroin prices are going down because of its availability.
What are some street names for heroin? Dragon, dope, heron, hero, white, black tar, junk,and there are many more.
Is heroin addictive? Physical? Mental? Or both? Heroin is addictive in both ways because heroin heads straight for the brain, and then after a longer period of use the body can't function with out it.
What are some long term effects of heroin? The body can no longer function without it. Collapsed veins, bacterial infections, and arthritis are some others.
Can heroin be used for medicinal purposes? Yes, but only for severe pain and rehabilitation.
Is heroin a stimulant, depressant, or another category? Heroin is a depressant.
Created by: tommyb16