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Health Final Review

Chronic diseases and disabilities/preventing injuries

What is the proper treatment for a first degree or second degree burn? put the burned area in cold water
When do you do CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) When a person is unconscious, not breathing and no pulse.
Your friend Jarnelle falls off their skateboard and on top of his wrist. You suspect it might be fractured. How will you treat this emergency? Immobilize or splint the area w/a sturdy object and seek medical attention at once.
What are three main reasons why Type 2 Diabetes is becoming an epidemic? 1. Fast food 2. sugary drinks 3.Lack of exercise
What are two suggestions to reverse the current trend of children developing Type 2 diabetes? 1. More nutrition education 2. More exercise
Bon-Que-Que just fell down and scraped his knee causing some minor bleeding and some sorness. What part of the blood will help the injury heal. Platelets
What are two suggestions to reverse the current trend of children developing Type2 diabetes? more nutrition education, more exercise.
Vanqueshia is at the mall and sees a woman lying on the floor unconscious. List 3 first aid guidelines she should follow. Check the scene, call for help, care for the injured. CHECK-CALL-CARE.
What is the diffrence between a heart attack and a stroke? Stroke is in the brain, heart attack is in the heart.
What are 4 signs or symotoms that a person may be experiencing a heart attack? Pain in the left side of the chest, dizziness, pain in left arm, sweating.
What are the roles that cholesterol and exercise play in heart disease. Execise leads to increased HDL cholesterol which leads to a decrease in LDL cholestrol and results in a happy heart! <3 :)
Created by: alexball