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Health Final Review

Managing stress/mental disorders and suicide

Alarm clocks, tests, and arguments with friends are examples of which type of stress? Stressors
Taking a free throw, learning to drive, getting ready for your first dance are all examples of which type of stress? Eustress
Good ___________________ means using productive scheduling to get the most done each day. Time Management
An immediate reaction to stress that prepares you to either confront or run away from a stressor is called Flight or fight response
What is the substance that produces a burst of energy as a result of an extremely stressful situation? adrenaline
What is the name of an illness with a physical cause called? Organic disorder
What is the name of an anxiety disorder that is related to a specific situation or object? Phobia
What is an unreasonable need to continue to behave in a certain way is called? Compulsion
What should you do if a person is suicidal? a. Seek professional help b. take the person seriously c. show concern
What is the sudden loss of memory called? Amnesia
What is a serious mental disorder characterized by unpredictable extreme disturbances in thinking, mood, awareness, and behavior. Schizophrenia
What is a mental disorder in which a person is overwhelmed by sad feelings and is unable to carry out everyday activities is called? clinical depression
What is a physician who specializes in diagnosing, and treating (with medication)mental disorders called? psychiatrist
What is the mental disorder in which patients complain about physical symptoms, such as pain, that has no underlying physical cause is called? hypochondriac
What are two reasons why people are ashamed to ask for help when it comes to mental illness? a. Embarrassed b. Afraid c. Ashamed
What are three ways that friends can help someone who has talked about suicide? a. LISTEN b. Believe them c. take seriously d. don't leave them alone c. get help
Created by: alexball