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Health Final Review

Infectious Diseases/Sexually Transmitted Infectious and AIDS

What are ways pathogens can come in contact with your body? Infected person, Infected animal, contaminated objects, contaminated soil, food, water
Which pathogen multiplies after entering a living cell, then takes over the cells' reproduction capabilities, causing cell damage or death? Viruses
The common cold is what type of disease? communicable
List four ways that diseases are spread. Give one example of each 1. Person to person - shaking hands 2. Animal to person - Bites 3. object to person - sharing cups 4. food to person - food poising
List and briefly describe three infectious diseases? 1. Strep throat - bacterial disease, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. 2. Influenza - Infection of the upper respiratory system. 3. Hepatitis - inflammation the liver, types A,B,C
List three symptoms that may indicate if you or someone else has an STI. 1. painful urination 2. Clear discharge from the penis 3. Iching 4. genital warts (HPV)
List three ways to prevent the spread of STI's. 1. Practice abstinence 2. Avoid drugs 3. choose responsible Friends
List four ways that the HIV/AIDs is spread. 1. sexual contact 2. Shared needles 3. contact with blood 4. mother to baby
Created by: alexball