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Health Final Review

Food and Nutrition/Making Healthy Food Choices

What is the graphic (picture) that groups foods according to types and indicates how many servings of each should be eaten daily? The new food pyramid
Which food groups are represented on the Food Guide Pyramid? Dairy, oils, Grains, Meats & Beans, Vegitables, Fruits
Which of these nutrients can cause a rise in blood pressure in about 10% of the population? Salt
What is the name of units for measuring the amount of energy contained in food? Calories
What is a waxy, fat like substance found in animal cells that adds to heart disease? Cholesterol
What is the recommended amount of specific nutrients that the average person should obtain each day called? Daily allowance
What is an extreme condition in which a person's nutrients that the consumption is inadequate or unbalanced often accompanied by excessive weight loss called? Malnutrition
What is the class of nutrients that included calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, and sodium? Minerals
What are the six classes of nutrients? Protein, Minerals, Fats, Carbs, Vitamins, Water
What is the name of an eating disorder marked by not eating enough food? Anorexia
What should you do if you suspect that a friend might have bulimia. List three signs or symptoms that could lead you to this conclusion. Offer support/encourage to get help 1. Goes to the bathroom after eating 2. Binge eating & purging 20-30 times a day 3. Eating in private 4. Hiding food
You have another friend you suspect might be anorexic. List three signs or symptoms that would lead you to this conclusion. 1. Extreme weight loss 2. Will not eat 3. Talks about being fat 4. Loss of menstrual period (females)
Susie is 35 Pounds overweight. She wants to lose weight and comes to you for help. Design a workout plan & nutritional diet
How much weight should Susie safely lose in four months? 8-10 lbs
List three questions you should ask Susie before you begin to make recommendations. 1. Any health issues 2. What equipment does she have access too. 3. What activities does she enjoy 4. Schedule
What two areas will you work on to help Susie lose weight and keep it off? 1. Body Composition & Diet 2. cardiorespiratory - Aerobic exercise
Created by: alexball