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The Heart: - beats over 35million timesin a year. - An adults heart is about the size of their two fist put together. -
Angina Pectoris - Chest pain caused by heart not getting enough oxygen
Bypass: An artery from another part of the body and attached below the blockage of the damaged artery and at the aorta. This is so a new path for blood to created.
Heart Attack: Occurs when a lack of oxygen to heart tissue occurs long enough for the heart tissue to die.
Heart Attack Symptoms; - Chest pain that lasts more than five minutes - Pain in the shoulders, arms, neck anor/or jaw - Nausea, Sweating, Dizziness, Trouble breathing, Pressure in the chest.
Care: Have them stop what there doing, Call 911, Keep them calm, Give them an aspirin (only if they can swallow, are not allergic or are not on other blood thinners), If they have any history, they may have nitroglycerin tablets for pain.
What do you do if they go unconscious? The Cardiac Chain of Survival
What is the Aorta? Oxygen rich blood pumped out to the body.
What is the Pulmonary Artery? Oxygen poor blood pumped to the lungs to pick up oxygen.
Clogged Arteries; Artries can be cloggedw with plaque.
What is Plaque? Plaque is made of fat and cholesterol that sticks to the wallo f an artery
Atherosclerosis; Medical word of plaque building in an artery causing the heart recieve less oxygen.
Steps; Early Recognition and Access Early CPR Early Defibrillation Advanced Medical Care
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