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Emergency 4

Emergency Care

What is the greatest muscle? Heart
How many times does the heart beat a year? 35 million times
About how big is the adult heart? The size of two fists put together
About how much force does it take to pump? About the amout it takes to squeeze a tennis ball hard
Where is the heart located at? In the center of the chest with a slight lean to the left
How many chambers does the heart have? Four
Where is oxygen poor blood pumped to? To the lungs to pick up oxygen
What are the two main arteries? Aorta and Pulmonary Artery
What are the two cardiac emergencies? Cardiac Arrest and Cardiac Distress
What is Angina Pectoris? Chest pain caused by heart not getting enough oxygen
What clogs arteries? Plaque
What is plaque made of? Fat and cholesterol
What is the medical word for clogging artery Atherosclerosis
What is a blood clot? When plaque builds up in an artery and and the artery tears and blood platelets will stick to it causing a blood clot
How can heart tissue be damaged? Smoking, drug abuse, and excessive drinking also lack of oxygen rich blood in heart
What are to surgical procedures for plaque build up? Bypass and Anigiplasty
What is Anigiplasty? Where a wire is inserted with a baloon on the End with a splent inside the baloon and the splent is inserted into the artery
What is bypass? An artery from another part of the body is attacheed below the blockage. To create a new passage for the blood.
What is a heart attack? Occurs when a lack of oxygen to heart tissue occurs long enough for heart tissue to die
What are 3 symptoms of Heart Attacks? 1: Chest pain that lasts longer than 5 mins 2: Sweating 3:Pressure in the chest
How do u provide care to a person having a Heart Attack? 1: Have them stop what they are doing 2: Call 9-1-1 3: Keep them calm 4: Give them an asprin (Only if they can swallow, are not allergic, or not on other blood thinners) 4: If they have history they might have nitroglycerin
What to do first if the go unconcious? Reconize symptoms and call 9-1-1 immediatly
What to do 2nd? Early CPR
Does CPR restart a heart? No
What is the purpose of CPR? To keep oxygen rich blood pumping to other vital organs
What are the reasons you can stop CPR? 1: There is an ovious sign of life 2: Another trained person takes over 3: There is danger 4: An AED is available 5: You are to tired to continue
What do you do 3rd? Early Defibrillation
What does an AED do? Re-establish an effective heart rhythm
What does EMS mean? Early Advanced Medical care?
What is Myocardial Ischemia? When cardiac oxygen supply and demand are different. Meaning the heart uses more oxygen then it gets. This results in the death of the tissue.
One cycle of CPR consists of? 30 compressions and 2 rescue breaths
Created by: YoungNR